Amethysts apply their dream-pop aesthetic to this remix of Loome’s ‘Talking To Strangers’, feat. Oktae

Dream-pop duo Amethysts has remixed Loome’s recent single ‘Talking To Strangers’, infusing it with their signature atmospheric electronic sound. The remix features guest vocals from Oktae and showcases the duo’s ability to layer warm synthesisers, subtle guitar lines, processed vocal harmonies, and spacious reverbs to create an emotive, haunting tone. The result is a contrast to the original’s upbeat nature, drawing out the track’s melancholic undertones while retaining the infectious quality of the lead vocals.

In case this is your first time coming across these names, let us introduce you. First up, Amethysts has worked with acclaimed producer Shuta Shinoda and labels including RAMP Recordings and Manimal Vinyl to build a catalogue of atmospheric indie-electronica-dream-pop tracks showcased on their self-titled debut album. And the originator of this track is Loome, the solo project and pseudonym of Suffolk-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and writer Tomas Frankson.

You can listen to the vibrant remix of ‘Talking To Strangers’ below.

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