Mini Melon Mix Ups: SV feat. Alyssa Jane, Jesse Roper, RPxSB x Nomadic, China Aster, Daniella Binyamin, Mardiana, Nitro Fun and Prince of Sweden

It’s time for another edition of Min Melon Mix Ups, where we bring you the latest and greatest in new music. From foot-tapping beats to heartwarming melodies, we have it all in this carefully curated selection. Whether you’re in the mood to dance, feel the emotions, or unwind with some indie tunes, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey with our magnificent mix of new music!

‘Touch Ground’ is another laid-back listen from producer SV, featuring Alyssa Jane, and is a perfect addition to your chill or study playlist. With its relaxed vibe, soulful vocals, and lofi production, this understated track takes the listener on a journey of chilled-out vibes and evokes images of a serene dusk. The track’s combination of chilltronica, hip-hop beats, and originality creates a beautiful and spaced-out sound that is sure to soothe and relax the listener. ‘Touch Ground’ is a stunning example of SV’s ability to produce soulful and emotive music that leaves a lasting impact on the listener.

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Next up we have an energetic, soulful track titled ‘Make It All Work Out’ that showcases his unique blend of modern indie-infused blues music from Canadian artist Jess Roper. Produced by JUNO-nominated producer Gus van Go, the track incorporates R&B influences and pays homage to the likes of JJ Cale, Leon Bridges, and Alabama Shakes while maintaining Roper’s distinctive expression in the genre. ‘Make It All Work Out’ delves into the complexities of Roper’s personal life and reflects on the challenges of finding balance in relationships. This track is a standout example of the singer-songwriter’s ability to infuse soulful lyricism with bluesy melodies that resonate with listeners.

“Recording with Gus and Werner F was on a whole new level. They really cared where the songs were headed and that they ended up just right. Everything was broken down to the finest details and nothing was allowed to sit at just “ok”. It was all about getting the vibe right.”

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RPxSB and producer Nomadic recently linked up to collaborate on a soulful and vintage-sounding album, Shaggy Carpets. The San Francisco rap duo’s natural charisma shines through on this release as they share stories of their experiences together over chilled beats and music. With a mix of soul, jazz, and vintage hip hop inspiration, both RPxSB and Nomadic showcase their ever-evolving skillsets, creating a timeless-sounding album. Lifted off that record we have standout single ‘Red Eye’ with its vintage-inspired, tongue-in-cheek music video.

“There’s definitely a vintage kind of sound and feel to Shaggy Carpets. While still true to RPxSB form with regards to content and subject nature, the production as a whole done in collaboration with good friend/colleague Nomadic is very neo soul grit. Coming at a time after the angst of CREATURES, it’s a surreal, at times, drug induced trip through current life and reality. Personally, I’ve been in a creative slump lately. Not necessarily in the sense that I’m running into walls in production, but more so being discouraged by looking at the overall picture of everything. Our content continues to evolve for the better, however our accolades and opportunities aren’t progressing along with that. The plight of most artists I imagine Shaggy Carpets aims to break us out of that. And hopefully gain some fans along the way.”

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China Aster’s latest single, ‘Post-production’, mixed by Joshua Rumble, is a comedic yet poignant fusion of pop and post-punk that explores digital editing as a microcosm for a changeable and potentially redeemable world. The synthy alternative pop band has been praised by BBC Introducing as “very fresh and new” and compared to MGMT and Perfume Genius. The band’s varied influences include John Maus, Pet Shop Boys, Sparks, and Kylie Minogue. Comprised of Joshua Moore and Oliver Marson, who recently released ‘Blue Dreams’, China Aster has returned after a 10-year hiatus to play at the Guernsey Together Festival this year.

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‘Abba’ is a powerful and cathartic anthem for anyone going through heartbreak from singer-songwriter Daniella Binyamin. With her delicate yet strong vocals, Daniella lays bare her emotions in a raw and honest way, inviting the listener to join her in owning their madness and letting it out on the dancefloor. The production is cinematic and atmospheric, with sweeping synths and a driving beat that builds to an explosive chorus. ‘Abba’ is a standout track that showcases Daniella’s songwriting talent and unique voice. Be sure to check out the rest out the EP!

“The lead-track “Abba” is an energetic yet sad track, a crying-on-the-dancefloor anthem to listen to when you need to get all those hard feelings out of your system. It’s a jumble of hope, devastation, freedom and a touch of madness and set the tone for the feelings I had when writing both the song and the EP.”

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Malaysian singer-songwriter Mardiana has released her latest track ‘Don’t Cry For Me’, a captivating blend of EDM, R&B, pop, and rock. The layered synth-wave single showcases the artist’s melodic vocals and carries a message of independence and empowerment. The song is about pursuing one’s dreams, not letting anything hold back, and telling loved ones not to worry. It was created by sampling her previous release ‘Stuck In The Future,’ which will also feature on her upcoming album. ‘Don’t Cry For Me’ is another impressive offering from Mardiana, who has already received support from several Spotify editorials for her previous releases.

“It’s about entering a different phase in your life, where it’s the turning point of stepping into something that’s bigger than yourself. For me, the lyrics are about pursuing my dreams, not letting anything hold me back, and also telling my loved ones to not worry for me, hence the lyrics, “the world awaits, I’m on my way, please don’t cry for me”. It’s also knowing that not everyone will understand my decisions, and I’m okay with that.

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Entering the upbeat, fun and feel good world of Nitro Fun now with his new melodic house single ‘Chase Me’. Featuring the capable, sublime vocals of LINNEY, ‘Chase Me’ is a strong new contender in the electronic music scene. Taking Nitro’s love of games and music and turning it into a whole new world of sound. Synth laden, poppy and expertly layered, ‘Chase Me’ is sure to get you up and headed to the dance floor.

“The inspiration behind this track was a combination of rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and modern rave sounds. I would spend so much time (and money) playing these games since I was like 5 years old that I had to make a tribute eventually! Working with Linney was very natural because she has similar inspirations. The first and only take of vocals that she sent was what ended up being used in the final version.”

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Finally, earning the coveted closing spot in our MMM is the outstanding Prince of Sweden with new track ‘The View from the Top Rope’ taken from his new EP Kicking Out Time . Ringing out with hazy guitars soaked in nostalgia and a vocal with complete character and presence, ‘The View From the Top Rope’ features gorgeous arrangement throughout. From the peppered percussion and the delicate, soulful organ this offering is sophisticated and stylishly put together with raw, live instrumentation that adds such depth, texture and resonance. With an old school feel, accompanied with contemporary, story telling lyricism, ‘The View From the Top Rope’ is artistic, tasteful and magnificently rich.

The song’s about recollections of childhood, I guess. Things that stick in your mind and the sound of the TV in the background with the wrestling on.”

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