Luna Keller shares ode to the over thinkers in ‘The Philosopher’

Inviting you now into the whimsical, curious and contemplative world of Spanish, German indie-folk songwriter and guitarist Luna Keller. Writing in order to tell stories, share experiences and connect with her listeners, Luna demonstrates an introspective and pondering spirit, full to the brim with wisdom, depth and the full spectrum of emotions.

Overflowing with old world charm, delicate harmonies and intricate lyricism, Luna Keller returns with her gently thought provoking first single of 2023 – ‘The Philosopher’. Soaked with folk and singer songwriter tendencies, ‘The Philosopher’ is incredibly emotive, featuring sophisticated arrangement and expert craftsmanship.

Characterising the inner narrator we all have and often face off with, she beautifully personifies the questioning, over thinking aspect of the human mind. Softly reminding us that life is to be lived, accepted and experienced in the now, instead of whiling away what little time we have questioning everything that comes our way.

Having spent January and February in Tenerife, visiting her parents, ‘The Philosopher’ is the product of a sunny getaway with family, nestled away in the studio writing and recording with her Father, Roger Keller. With additional guitars from Alden Heckel, the track was then sent to California to be mixed and mastered by Dominic Romano. Kick starting Luna Kellers 2023 this offering will shortly be followed by several collaborations, singles and finally her second album Ocean Inside of Me that will be released towards the end of the year.

Quaint, carefully crafted and lightly tendered, ‘The Philosopher’ is an utterly charming, simply stunning offering by the talented young artist – one we certainly won’t forget in a hurry.

“I am a deep thinker myself, I always look for meaning and purpose and try to see everything from as many angles as possible before actually doing something. But I’ve come to realise that sometimes I get so caught up in these big questions and doubts that I’m no longer present and appreciating what I have. This is a song about our inner overthinker and our doubts that can trap us and keep us from being truly present and appreciative of what life has to offer” – Luna Keller

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