Mini Melon Mix Ups: Shaun Mason ft Anji Kaizen, Blair Djuna, CANDID, Casey Urban, MEER, Sturt Avenue and Wolforna

Welcome welcome one and all to another fabulous edition of our beloved MMM. A place to discover a marvellous, miraculous, mad, moving, magnificent mix of new music which we have carefully selected for you to enjoy. Whether it be shaking a tail feather, getting up in your feels, unleashing your inner Indie or chilling out and winding down, we have a little something for everyone in this superb selection. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Any Twilight fans in the house? First up in the list we have an incredible take on the iconic ‘Decode’, originally by emo/indie powerhouses Paramore. This epic rendition is beautifully reimagined by Shaun Mason (male vocals, production, mixing) and Anji Kaizen (female vocals) who were inspired by Paramores newest album to pay homage to the band who inspired so many of us growing up.

Now, we don’t usually post covers on Purple Melon but for this one we simply HAD to make an exception. Gorgeously cinematic, effortlessly ethereal and dripping in drama, the chemistry between both vocalists is electrifying. Glistening with pristine production and drenched with soaring guitar solos, Shaun Mason and Anji Kaizen’s version of ‘Decode’ is dynamic, celestial and incredibly innovative, breathing new life into a classic, a portrayal that would make Paramore proud.

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We’re entering the world of electronic dance next with upbeat, feel good, summer inducing bop ‘Don’t Tell Me’ from Blair Djuna (aka Derrick Attwood). Hailing from Australia, this talented singer and songwriter dives deep into many musical realms from rock and roll, R&B to Hip Hop, he remains true to himself by always following his inspiration and flow.

‘Don’t Tell Me’ is a bouncy, alt pop tune filled with flavour and likability, it’s catchy, toe tapping and builds beautifully to a full on dance floor filling beat sure to bring the crowd to their feet and smiles to their faces. If you’re in need of a lift at the end of the week, pop this on and have a boogie!

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Next up in our mix today we have the transcendent indie-rock track ‘Tonight’, from Coventry based band CANDID. Filled with exceptional guitar playing, dynamic, resounding vocals and an electrifying pulsating energy embedded into its core. ‘Tonight’ is utterly euphoric, bursting with radiance and erupts in a crescendo of an anthemic chorus. It’s the perfect indie pop infused track for pure exuberant and uninhibited bliss.

Put simply, ‘Tonight’ was simply made to rock out, jump around and completely let go to. In need of a release this weekend? Chuck this on, turn up the volume and let it all out with ‘Tonight’.

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We enter the undulating, unique and utterly extraordinary world of Casey Urban next with the eclectic, Alice in Wonderland-esque single ‘Grey Matter’. Painted with gorgeous vocals, storytelling lyricism and an incredible soundscape ‘Grey Matter’ is filled with softly permeating percussion, succulent synth work and an arrangement that ebbs and flows like the tides. Gently colliding, amalgamating and melding together creating something truly sublime, experimental and unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.

Casey’s timbre caresses the ear and floats in the abyss, calling the listener down to explore deeper. Trance-like, psychedelic and fascinating. ‘Grey Matter’ is a fantastic hidden gem, and a MUST listen!

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Diving head first, we enter the intense, mesmerising and beyond incredible world of MEER and their newest single ‘Beehive’ and my GOD are you in for a treat. ‘Beehive’ is everything, everywhere, all at once, put simply it’s utterly spellbinding. A profound infusion of orchestral pop, classical music and progressive rock, ‘Beehive’ is experimental, Jazzy, and exceptionally innovative.

MEER are an 8 piece Norwegian collective and ultimate powerhouse progressive pop orchestra that are overflowing with talent, ingenuity and pure, endless potential. ‘Beehive’ is an astonishing track that continues to defy belief with each and every listen. If you want to be blown away, look no further.

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Taking it down a notch next with the laid back, folk rock infused, country-esque, Australiana style single ‘Talk’ by the talented musical collective Sturt Avenue. ‘Talk’ details those moments we may have all felt after an evening of drinking and wanting to call an ex partner. With emotive melodies and a chorus that bands together, ‘Talk’ is atmospheric, brooding and full of angst.

Filled with longing, lovesick lyricism and an endlessly catchy hook, you’ll find yourself singing along in no time. With a gritty honesty flowing throughout, ‘Talk’ is authentic, real and raw with instrumentation that songfully swings and a vocals that bares all. Pop this on and let any pain that needs to, pour out.

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Last but by no means least, we close this chapter of the MMM with none other than Wolforna and their new single ‘Break You’ to sing us out to. ‘Break You’ offers a new perspective of the bands capabilities, moving away from their signature sound that showcases classic rhythm guitar and melodic, powerful, rock-infused vocals, this time they dabble in a more upbeat, punk sound with a catchy hook and punchy percussion.

It’s refreshing, in your face and full or energy, the perfect closer for the Mini Melon Mix Ups and a great tune to get you pumped up for the weekend!

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