Premiere: Swirling with passion Adam O’Rua reveals visual for ‘Rainfall’

To celebrate St. Patricks day, in honour of his heritage and to mark the onset of Spring and new beginnings, today we are gifted with an extra special treat. It is our privilege to introduce to the melon-sphere, Irish singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer, director and water rig building extraordinaire Adam O’Rua.

Welcome to the exclusive premiere of his charismatic new visual for the 80’s infused, romantic, smooth RnB swooner ‘Rainfall’. Taken from his recently released debut EP EVA , ‘Rainfall’ is dripping in dynamism and overflowing with chemistry, drawing inspiration from the hugely successful TV series Normal People, we see incredible scene work, contemporary movement and outstanding performances. We watch, transfixed as Adam continues to shine, not only musically but as an actor, dancer and all round creative, he has brought his vision to life with style and flair, which as an DIY artist, is a feat that is truly awe-inspiring.

Intimate, poetic and incredibly enchanting, the listener is encapsulated within the first few seconds, as Adam softly whispers such stunning prose,

You showed me, Eva, that all tears are tears of love. They express the deepest parts of us. The rain is a gift. It washes away the pain that has built up in the cracks in our souls, allowing the light of love to shine through. It gives us life anew.”

Providing sweet, spine tingling chills, Adam gently invites the listener into his world. It’s raw, vulnerable and offers a moment of sensitivity before the track begins, the result? – Music’s answer to ASMR.

Ever passionate Adam O’Rua muses, There’s something magnificent about kissing in the rain. Just letting go of all reality and falling into the depths of your love. Allowing yourself to get caught in the most salacious of storms.”….*SWOON*

Endlessly romantic and thick with devotion, ‘Rainfall’ is sentimental, all consuming and tender, demonstrating perfectly that feeling of being completely and utterly, head over heels in love with someone. Partnered with powerful vocals, emotive lyricism and electronic synth work, ‘Rainfall’ is reminiscent of the old RnB ballad classics, starring an artist who is simply destined for greatness.

Watch ‘Rainfall’ here first:

“It rains a lot in Ireland and in London too, where this song was written and this story is based. I think there’s something beautiful about the rain. How everything green and verdant and beautiful in the nature that I grew up with wouldn’t be so without it. Something different about how deeply you can cry when tears of the heavens are washing away your tears as quickly as they fall. And deeper still when you can trust someone with your whole heart. What you emerge with afterwards with that person is a bond so deep and intense that it supersedes mere words.”  –  Adam O’Rua

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