‘Moving Slow’ is the blended genre collaboration between songwriter Max Green & producer Kislaw

Max Green and Kislaw have teamed up once again to deliver their latest single ‘Moving Slow’. The duo has gained recognition in the French and LA music scenes, and it’s not hard to see why. The song is an upbeat, feel-good tune that will have you moving to its rhythm from the very first beat. The track has already gained support from a number of notable publications, including Pretty Little Things, Grimy Goods, and Riptide Mag, among others.

Max Green’s songwriting skills are on full display here as he delivers heartfelt lyrics over a lush production. He notes that the song contains hints of needing something to help maintain control and sanity in those moments of lust and love. Kislaw’s influences are evident in the track as well, with a signature blend of Hip-Hop, House, RnB, pop, and EDM that adds depth to the production.

‘Moving Slow’ is a perfect representation of the collaborative nature of the duo’s work. It’s a track that will get you grooving while still delivering a melancholic message. If you’re a fan of catchy hooks, lush production, and heartfelt lyrics, this is definitely a song worth checking out.

“‘Moving Slow’ was written at a peculiarly fun time in my life. Kislaw had heard some of my music and reached out to me with this absolute bop of a track. I ended up writing a really fun song with it and we ended up linking in summer 2022 when Kislaw was visiting LA. The song is about the process of falling in love and of needing something in the throes of trying to maintain control of your life and sanity.”Max Green

“In the track, during the second part of the drop, you can  hear a random vocal in the background! It was actually an error during the recording when Max Green was speaking, but in the end we decided to keep it because it actually sounds really nice!”Kislaw

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