Enter the enchanting, whimsical and otherworldly realm of Faerie and her new EP ‘dizzy spells’

Gracing the pages of Purple Melon today we have something truly special for your ears to feast upon. It is our great honour to introduce the mystical, magical and utterly otherworldly singer, songwriter and all-round-artist Faerie and her debut EP the incredibly unique, undeniably iconic and utterly mesmerising ‘dizzy spells’.

Faerie“a mythical being of folklore and romance…and magic powers”

Quaint, quirky and unlike anything we’ve heard before Faerie effortlessly frolics in the realms of indie, alt-pop and folk, dipping in an out of each with ease, grace and expertise. Weaving hints of Lana Del Ray inspired cadence, Faeries’ vocals are instantly recognisable as they caress, cascade and captivate the listener in an instant.

Containing 5 fairy-tale like tracks plus one radio edit, there is plenty to sink your teeth into and not long before you find yourself totally entranced and enraptured in this realm.

From the leisurely, folksy saunter of ‘champagne tears’ to the dreamy pillowy soft ‘Virgo Sun’ and the upbeat, electronic guitar, cruising ‘K-town’, each single folds and melts into the next seamlessly. A sophisticated songwriter, alongside Faeries striking vocals, she has an innate ability in creating gliding, gorgeous melodies partnered with clever, atmospheric lyricism soaked with storytelling .

‘dizzy spells’ is like being drawn into a dream, in mere moments it manages to encapsulate not only the sound of an era, but also a feeling, it is an entity entirely of it’s own, a feat many artists attempt but rarely accomplish.

Much like her artist name itself, ‘dizzy spells’ comes directly from her celestial creativity, wonderfully weaved and carefully conjured. Let go, surrender and let her welcome you into her whimsical world.

Follow Faerie on Instagram.

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