Sounds of R&B & Soul: Khamari, KB Mike, Emilio Lanza, Gideon King & City Blog, Jake Isaac

R&B and soul are two of those classic sounds that haven’t wavered over the years, instead they’ve continued to evolve and branch out into exciting new frontiers. So without further ado, let’s have a listen.

Khamari’s latest single, ‘On My Way’, poetically captures his journey from Boston to Los Angeles, a bold move that he made to start afresh and build his dream life. The song weaves in a sample from Al Green’s classic ‘Love and Happiness’, adding a layer of nostalgia and soul to the modern production. Khamari’s smooth vocals glide over the upbeat instrumentation, reflecting his confidence in taking a leap of faith and chasing his aspirations. ‘On My Way’ is an empowering anthem for anyone embarking on a new chapter in their life, reminding us to trust ourselves and keep moving forward towards love and happiness.

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KB Mike is a rising artist from Chicago who has gained recognition in 2023 for his music and unique style. His recent release, ‘Rider’, has been accompanied by a cinematic music video, which he wrote the story for, showcasing his creative abilities beyond music. KB Mike has also co-headlined a tour with South Jersey rapper 3Breezy, and as of 2023, has surpassed 50 million streams across all platforms. His previous releases, ‘Faces’ and ‘Chiraq’, reflect his personal experiences and memories of those lost in his hometown. Despite his success so far, KB Mike is determined to continue grinding and reaching new heights in the music industry.

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Italian singer-songwriter Emilio Lanza’s ‘Rain in the Sea’ is a heartfelt track that tells the story of a six-year relationship coming to an end. The personal nature of the song is palpable, and listeners can feel the raw emotions that Lanza has poured into the lyrics. The acoustic pop and contemporary R&B blend creates a unique sound that is both intimate and engaging. Lanza’s use of percussive fingerstyle guitar adds an extra layer of depth to the track, making it a true standout. With influences such as Craig David and Ed Sheeran, Lanza has crafted a sound that is all his own. ‘Rain in the Sea’ is a poignant and powerful song that is sure to resonate with listeners.

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Gideon King & City Blog’s latest release, ‘Splinters’, is a funky and soulful ballad that showcases the band’s incredible talent and collaborative spirit. With years of experience working together, the group has honed their sound into a vibrant and diverse fusion-pop that draws inspiration from the bustling streets of New York City. The title track of their new EP, ‘Splinters’, is a perfect example of their creative peak, with Gideon King’s artistic vision seamlessly melding with the band’s input to create a textural, pop-funk tune that is both catchy and complex. With influences ranging from jazz and pop to rock and classical, Gideon King & City Blog’s music is a reflection of their passion and dedication to their craft.

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Jake Isaac’s latest single ‘When It Hurts’ is a testament to his soulful expression and songcraft, featuring Jack Savoretti’s warm vocals. The track is a perfect blend of contemporary soul and pop, showcasing Jake’s authentic soul voice and classic songwriting. The song is a part of his upcoming album ‘For When It Hurts’, which sees Jake delve into the issues that men often keep under wraps, embracing the vulnerabilities that come with love and loss. The album also boasts jazz arrangements and orchestral flourishes, with Jake producing and recording every instrument. ‘When It Hurts’ is an instant calling card for the album’s riches to come.

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