Chatterbox: REFLEX

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself and how the new single came about. 

Hey Purple Melon Music! Yes, actually the original track Polyamour is taken from our album Lucid Dreams out on our own label ‘Reflex Music’So, summer is coming, we’ve chosen as remixers Pastel, French Polynesian / Londonian artist for his chill vibes, and the legend, The Supermen Lovers (remember, his hit ‘Starlight’?), out on La Valigetta.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes of course! A really cool music video of Polyamour will come out in June, directed by Laurent Pratlong with Frenchkiss Production. It’ll be sulphurous but above all, it’s a message of peace and love!

Since January, we’ve played our new live with 2 others musicians Aimeric, keyboard, backing vocals, and Jessy. We’ve got some cool festivals and clubs in Europe coming up ( live at Razzmatazz, Barcelona : ).

Also, you can see a new music video soon, Greg Kozo feat. REFLEX – ‘Toujours Si Loin’, I sing all in french for the 1st time on this track 😉

What’s on the horizon for you?

We’ll start working on new tracks and hopefully some opportunities on good labels. We’re planning a tour in USA around November for DJ sets, and with a new light show for our live performances!

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