Chatterbox: Lady Bee

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself. 

Hi, I’m Bianca, also known as Lady Bee. I’ve been living and breathing music for a long time now and still love it every single day. I’ve been Dj-ing and producing for the last 6 years, and before that I was an MC for about 11 years. I’ve been in the music industry for quite some time! My life is filled with touring, traveling, performing and making music. It’s a hardworking life, but I’m definitely living the dream. Besides music, if I have some time off, I like to spend it with either friends or my Chihuahua Prince. 

Where did the new single ‘Higher’ come from?

I’ve known Rob of GirlsLoveDj’s for a long time; we’re both from the Netherlands and used to see each other often when we were both touring. We thought it would be a great idea to do a collaboration together. He had some unused vocals and he sent an acapella over to me by email. First time I heard the vocals, I was instantly sold. First thing in my mind was a summer vibe! I knew straight away what my inspiration for it would be and exactly what kind of track I could make it into. After a few emails and sitting in the studio together we managed to get a great result, if I do say so myself.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Absolutely! There are a lot of releases coming up. My latest release will be this month on TrapNation/Lowly Palace’, called Overdose. Very excited about all my music that will be released this year and in the next few years to come. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

More shows, touring and releasing – I never stop! Enjoying every moment to the fullest.

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