Select Sounds: Dax, Lukx, Ali George, Geo Aghinea, Onbar and iVANA

Welcome to Select Sounds. Our brand new blog feature which champions interesting, exciting and trail blazing new music from upcoming, DIY and established artists across the industry.

Are you looking for fresh new music to liven up your playlists? Need some new recommendations to share with friends? Interested in discovering unique, genre blending artists? Like to be ahead of the curve, or just fancy a complete switch up to what you normally listen to? Let us broaden your musical horizons with these eclectic, pioneering and alternative new releases!

Specially curated, only a handful of artists are chosen  for our Select Sounds feature. Offering a vast array of flavours, find your own hidden gem and fave new artist in our carefully crafted list below.

First up is a previously featured Purple Melon alumni and an artist making some serious waves in the industry. So much so, he simply HAD to be included in our brand new feature as our first artist. Having recently revealed the poignant, potent and powerful new single PTSD, this newest release is inspired by real life events and demonstrates gritty, hard hitting emotion. A sure fire winner and a certified whirlwind, Dax is no stranger to the scene and is a veteran of making thought provoking, sophisticated tracks with immaculate flows equating to banger after absolute banger. With a work ethic second to none, he’s on top form, consistently making music and releasing, you’ll have plenty of his discography to get through and plenty more to keep you continuously entertained.

But be warned, once you go Dax, you don’t go back. Prepare to be hooked on this sensational artist who deserves every accolade that comes his way. 

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Next up we have your new favourite early morning wake up tune. Sure to make even the greyest of mornings that little bit brighter, the new, upbeat, feel good track ‘Hello’ by singer songwriter Lukx is the perfect everyday mood booster. I challenge you not to bop along to this whilst sipping your morning coffee or tucking into your breakfast. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, ‘Hello’ is a smooth, vibe-infused take on RnB and Neo Soul, detailed but Lukx’s sublime vocals, ‘Hello’ is clever, catchy and commercial, yet dusted with Lukx’s unique, alluring and effortlessly cool aura. Add a spring to your step and an ample dose of sunshine to your mornings with ‘Hello’.

*Immediately adds to Wake Up playlist*

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Entering the gorgeous, folk infused realms of Ali George and his newest single ‘Dreams Within Dreams’ next – prepare to be stunned into silence. Expert guitar playing takes centre stage here, complimenting Ali’s warming, gentle and rich vocals as he debuts sophisticated songwriting over skilled chord selection. Featuring elements of Indie, singer-songwriter and Folk, Ali George creates worlds within worlds in each and every song. Subtly he invites his audience into his artistry and before they know it, they’ve become lost in the swirls, the ebbs and flows of each phrase and melody, until suddenly the song ends and they’re left wondering where they’ve just travelled for the past few minutes. The showings of a true artist, ‘Dreams Within Dreams’ will leave you wondering, in the best way.

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The next stop on our musical journey takes us into the alternative, ethereal and cinematic universe of Geo Aghinea and ‘Bound To You’. With a show stopping chorus that features a sweeping, stunning melody that sores skywards, ‘Bound To You’ was made for a hall fit for thousands. With an interesting and unique tone, Geo is unlike any other vocalist we’ve heard before. Using they’re unusual tone and vocal runs as a strength and an instantly recognisable calling card, Geo has explosively carved out a place in the industry from the get go. ‘Bound To You’ is an emotive, inspiring singer-songwriter, alt-pop ballad and an incredibly exciting debut single and entrance into the industry.

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Sliding into some soothing soul, electro pop flecked with alt RnB next in the form of new single ‘CHANCE’ by Onbar ft Orion Song. With an incredibly hooky chorus that is sure to have you singing along within the first listen, ‘CHANCE’ features effortlessly capable vocals, sublime synth selection and heavenly harmonies. Chilled, laid back and endlessly cool, ‘CHANCE’ combines elegant electronics and will be the perfect addition to your late night vibes, Sunday feels and Summertime playlists.

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We’re ending this weeks feature on an absolute high with the upbeat, hyperpop-esque, new school Drum n Bass tune from iVANA ft Brodie Harvey with ‘YO-YO’. Futuristic, fun and utterly unique, ‘YO-YO’ is a pioneering look into future genres and generations of music. With hints of garage and a quirky vibe that makes it instantly infectious, ‘YO-YO’ is oozing with creativity and ingenuity. DIY and daring, ‘YO-YO’ was recorded in a friends bedroom and is produced by iVANAs boyfriend Brodie Harvey who also features on the track. One things for sure, we’re hooked and can’t wait to see what comes next from this exciting, genre bending artist.

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