Unique rapper Ceddyjay processes lost love with Heart Broken in England EP

CeddyJay is the Brooklyn rapper currently confronting love and the loss of it through his enigmatic new EP, Heart Broken in England. The title itself is full of potential romance, especially from an American perspective, since the idea of travelling in pursuit of love really gives such a cinematic, almost literary, narrative. The theme of the track wasn’t purely from the imagination of Ceddyjay, it’s actually based on real life events where the young creative went to England for love, but things didn’t work out. Sine then, he’s found a way to come to terms with what could have been by putting together four fantastic tracks ‘Broken’, ‘Ginger’, ‘Salt’ and ‘Demise’.

The EP is unflinchingly honest, whether that’s the minimalist beatwork that gives off an air of transparency, the lofi production that keeps it down to earth, Ceddyjay’s unfiltered vocal performance or his brutally honest lyrics. It’s clear that he’s poured his entire being into these tracks and for us we’re drawing comparisons to the likes of wordsmiths like Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Abstract or Childish Gambino, although Ceddyjay is really quite unique.

Follow CeddyJay on Instagram.

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