Rapper Max Wassen & producer RetroVision collab on tropical thumper ‘Aubade’

Whether we like it or not, we’re shaped by our environment. Maybe you’re the kind to blend in or maybe you’re the type to rebel against your settings. The latter can be said of Canadian-Swedish rapper Max Wassen whose nothing short of a burst of sunshine and warmth (things that aren’t always plentiful in his two countries) in his summery music that’ll get you through the colder months. Naturally, this artist is working with French producer RetroVision whose expertise in crafting tropical beats shines through on their latest collaboration ‘Aubade’.

Throughout this charismatic track, you’ll hear the producer’s futuristic style with Wassen’s articulated flow that makes ‘Aubade’ a surefire banger to kick off 2023 with. Whatever Wassen has up his sleeve next, we know that’ll it be full of attitude, confidence and perhaps a bit too much ego, but that’s exactly what we love about his sound – he doesn’t hold back.

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