Natalie steps in dark-pop territory with ‘Torment’

For fans of Billie Eilish, Låspley and the early FKA twigs, make space in your playlists for Natalie. This boldly mono-named artist first emerged unto the music scene back in 2018 with her debut EP, titled Shameful, and since then she’s continued fusing together her confidence genre-crossing approach to songwriting.

As you’ll hear in her latest track ‘Torment’, Natalie skilfully weaves together elements of electro-pop and indie-R&B, as well as pulsating dance rhythms to create a sound that is both powerful and delicate. Her voice is breathy and passionate which keeps in step with the track’s relentless beats. Not only do her vocals shine on this icy and metallic soundscape, but her lyrics instantly catch the listener’s attention. She walks that risqué line akin to the darker pop genre to make the point of an emotionally unequal relationship in which the protagonist feels tormented by this situation. This emotional rollercoaster reaches as steamy crescendo before dramatically fading out and leaving us with no other option than to hit the play button again.

“I started by creating the bassline, it inspired me immediately. It felt haunting yet playful and I knew I wanted to match that energy lyrically. My favorite songs are the ones that can transition you from your bedroom to a night out.”

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