Mar Omin’s sensitive & progressive ‘Little Bird’ encourages the listener to look within

Mar Omin hails from Amsterdam, where he was raised on a houseboat and grew up surrounded by live music from an early age. His childhood had all the conditions for producing a musician and we’re glad that Mar did follow that path as it has given us the beautiful listen ‘Little Bird’. He produced, composed, and wrote the song with help from guitarist Daniel Malet, singer Szjerdene (Bonobo / Lapalux), and cello and strings by Sander Molder (Redbull Music Academy alumni).

This richly composed and reflective piece of alternative electronica conveys the speciality of this artist. As you might be able to gather from the pensive lyrics and melancholic-leaning sounds, this track is drawn up from a dark place within the artist’s psyche. It’s about catching yourself in a loop of self-hate. Mar Omin captures how he felt in 2019 (when he wrote this track) and it acts as a powerful mirror to the emotional struggles that many people go through. Perhaps by listening to this progressive, intelligent and sensitive single, we can start noticing any self-negating behaviours in ourselves or the ones we love.

Not only is this a gorgeous standalone single, but ‘Little Bird’ is also joined by the announcement of Mar Omin’s upcoming debut album, Extricate.

“‘Little Bird’ is about the interaction I experience between me and my negative self belief, personified. How the negativity wants to keep me insecure and feeling low and feeds off that energy. The vocals in the verses and the bridge represent me, the pre hooks and hooks are the voice of the negative me.”

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