‘paradise’ is chasing luma’s third beat-driven emotional pop song to date

First on our personal playlist this week, ‘paradise’ is the enticing new single from chasing luma, aka Luke MacDonald, the promising newcomer who has been tucked away in a small town off Canada’s east coast where he’s been cultivating his musical talent since the early age of 8. He finally started to release music this year with preceding tracks ‘bittersweet’, ‘motions’ and the hat-trick completer ‘paradise’.

Each of these tracks deal with life’s various obstacles and growth opportunities, but with his own optimistic attitude to these topics as well as songwriting. The result is uplifting beat-driven pop which uses the interplay between MacDonald’s clear and youthful pop vocal against the funky bass to pull the listener into the songwriter’s emotional world. Intermittently, ‘paradise’ bursts into fiery guitar riffs that reflects a brilliant cathartic energy of letting all those shut-down feelings to fly free.

“’paradise’ is an ode to being alone. By nature, I’m a very non-confrontational person and when writing this song, I thought it would be interesting to write from the perspective of a character who is much better at dealing with the unpleasantries of ending a relationship. I co-wrote this song with my friend Ryan, and he really helped push me beyond my comfort zone to write such a bold song by my usual standards. through this process I feel like I become more like the character I created, and have since become more motivated to confront the uncomfortable truths in my life.”

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