Mini Melon Mix Ups: Elena Erin, Pip Millett, Haley Johnsen, Maejis Mind, Tucker Nichol, updog and Golden Vessel

It’a that time again when we do our biggest new music round-up of the past fortnight, here’s everything that’s popped up onto our radar that we think will get you through the next two weeks! As ever, it’s a smorgasbord of genres, styles, artists and bands – something to suit every palette!

Reminiscent of fellow Canadian artist Dizzy or Brooklyn’s very own Barrie, emerging name Elena Erin is rising up with her soft-pop that undulates with kinetic electronica textures and pulsating dance rhythms. Her new single ‘Mother Always Knows’ is undeniably packed with feeling, with a subversive commercial appeal.

““Mother Always Knows” is about the growth of a mother-daughter relationship and still relying on your mother during the hardest times of life, while also having her rely on you. Realizing the person who raised you is a regular human too, and as you’re going through life you see her struggles and she teaches you how to save yourself.”

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On the back of a major UK tour, the Manchester talent Pip Millett shares another sensitive, soul and R&B patterned single which opens up one of the most common themes in her music – mental health. We commend Pip for her vulnerability, which comes through those raspy vocals and the laidback instrumentation. In place of our the guest quote, we’ve lifted some lyrics from the track to hear from Pip.

“I know you still need me when I’m down / But down is just downright, get the f**k out of my head, / I know you still need me when I’m down / But down is just downright, sleeping when I don’t feel alright, alright.”

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We love the retro-pop, americana, country, disco and 70s folk-rock confluences of Haley Johnsen’s new single ‘Common Ground’. The Portland-based artist wrote this eclectic, dance and sing along worthy genre-blending number in a state of frustration (as you’ll read below), although it can be a cathartic listen to the audience in any state of mind.

“Common Ground” was written during the Summer of 2020, which felt like the precipice of an even deeper divide being carved between our country. Circumstances of the pandemic lead us to be more reliable to our devices, more obsessed with the news, and more at odds with our family and friends who had differing views. I wrote this song about my own sadness and frustration with the reality of this political landscape. How taking a stand on something I believed in only furthered the divide between the ones I loved. This song is a desperate plea asking society, are we ok with this? Are we capable of coming together and finding common ground, or is it too late?”

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Introducing Maejis Mind aka James Beasley to the MMM with his second EP ‘At Water’, a solo musician project he’s currently making sounds from Los Angeles. A gorgeous 3-track offering, ‘At Water’ submerges the listener in an underwater realm. Transcendent, unique and utterly alluring, the production focuses on memories. Be sure to check out this beautiful EP from this up and coming artist.

“I first started writing these songs in February 2022, and it has been a joy to put these songs together. Overall, it’s my most honest work yet and I’m happy that I was able to experiment with different styles and production techniques.” Maejis Mind

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Up next is the smooth tones of Tucker Nichol with new single and a stylistic shift in mood ‘This is Why’, taken off her upcoming album ‘Too Close to Home’. Inspired by some of the R&B greats, ‘This is Why’ is a tongue-in-cheek, confessional offering, describing the manipulative strategies Tucker has been exposed to in previous relationships. Refreshing and authentic, be sure to check out ‘This is Why’ if in need of a cathartic and sassy sing along.

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No stranger to the pages of Purple Melon, updog is back and seeing signs, ‘dollar signs’ to be precise in his newest single taken off his upcoming EP ‘falling is flying’ out on the 8th of July. Again showcasing his talented ability to perform and create a stream of conscious songwriting, updog delivers honest, open and authentic lyricism laced with groove-inducing production. Another one, not to be missed by this unique and talented artist.

updog says, “The song is about living too fast and getting too caught up with the fame and fortune side of the industry, that, by default, begins to cloud your judgment. That ‘get rich‘ mentality in creative industries always comes up at some point or another when you just want to do your own thing, but eventually, as the song says, you start seeing those dollar signs flash up and the potential that that life could also be. Of course, you don’t mind the view sometimes, but that ‘grind until you die’ motto to get there is also not the way to go about it and kind of takes away from the artistry.” – updog

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Last but by no means least we come with another new track from Aussie artist Golden Vessel. ‘Spinning’ is gorgeously day dreamy and filled with indie-electro sounds from start to finish. It comes paired with the news of an exciting mini, 3 day tour taking place in August. If you find yourself down under, be sure to get yourself to one of the following shows, we guarantee pure vibes!

Friday, August 5th-The Brightside, Brisbane
Friday, August 12th – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Saturday, August 13th-Mary’s Underground, Sydney

“I wrote this song quite quickly over a beat that my friend Rut (The Nicholas) sent me. It was just a drum loop and a bass guitar part, but it really inspired me, and I wanted to just focus on the songwriting first which is not somethingI’ve often done. After writing the whole track I added a little to the instrumentation and got Nick Ward to send over a bunch of ideas to really help open-up the end of the song.The verses are about home and my friends and some of the small things that have happened to us over the last couple of years. And then the chorus takes a big zoom-out and looks at it all in a macro sense. It’s all a blip in the grand scheme of things but I think what’s most important is to just make the most of it and move forward.In the time around making this song I did a lot of reading on space and science and how the world is beautiful and complex but also so small and insignificant in the full span of the universe. I guess that could seem daunting, but I’ve found this new outlook refreshing and helps put things into perspective.”–Golden Vessel

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