New Milanese musician MUVI releases impactful sad-pop ballad ‘Grace Cale’

We’ve got something really different from the usual today on Purple Melon. ‘Grace Cale’ is the sad-pop ballad from promising singer and songwriter MUVI, who uses a mixed-genre style to tell his evocative narratives of time, loss, relationships, change and life. This one in particular is the second single taken from MUVI’s upcoming debut EP, titled LINE-A.

The Milanese musician uses his trusty guitar, which has been his chosen instrument since 6-years-old, as the driving force throughout this slow-burning number. The complex string melody repeats like the inevitable circling phases of our life, while his subtly rock-tinged voice sings poetic lines fills with honesty, integrity and emotion. As MUVI shares below, ‘Grace Cale’ personifies depression and loneliness as a constant companion; it’s a beautifully sad sentiment.

The thought-provoking track is accompanied by cinematic visuals directed by Jari Brontesi.

“Grace Cale is a woman, precisely it is the allegory of depression. She lives a grayscale life. She lives moments where everything is white and moments when everything is black, but what haunts her is the awareness that black will never leave her life.”

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