‘Hearts’ is the beautiful sophomore ballad from singer-songwriter Molly Roberts

Molly Roberts is a brilliant new voice on the British pop music scene as demonstrated by the alluring new single ‘Hearts’. Written and recorded at the well respected Tileyard Studios in London, ‘Hearts’ is the emotional follow-up to her debut ‘Wings To Fly’, although both of the releases showcases the singer-songwriter’s powerful voice and sensitive storytelling.

This song utilizes Roberts’ compassionate voice over a slow-burning piano melody and atmospheric violins. There’s such a haunting beauty to the tone of of her voice that there’s really nothing additional needed to this simplistic construction. It’s all about classic songwriting.

Now 21-year-old, Molly Roberts is taking her next steps in music by moving to London to pursue her dream. Having already been a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, International Songwriting competition and the Snowdrop Songwriting competition (judged by Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis), the future is looking bright.

“Hearts is a song about so many things. It’s about loss and love, heartbreak, and hope and much more too. I wanted the lyrics to paint little pictures throughout the song and to capture lots of different memories and moments in time. It was amazing to have a live string quartet on the track. I love the sound of strings and always imagined a violin on the track as the central lyric of the song is:All we are, two broken hearts, drifting through the wind, hear the violins’.My main aim was to write a song that was both simple but also unique and I really hope that people enjoy listening to it! ”

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