Fo Daniels reveals debut album ‘Imitation Roses’

Nostalgic, reminiscent and drenched in a warm, gentle and familiar haze Fo Daniels debut album ‘Imitation Roses’ is a classic Rock n Roll offering in the truest sense. Organic, full of emotion and sincerity, its a unique and welcomed project in todays often over-computerised musical soundscape.

Showcasing raw, and stunning songwriting from start to finish, ‘Imitation Roses’ is one simply not to be missed.

“‘Summers Past’ is probably the most personal song on the album. It deals with a lot of influential aspects of my life that I also feel can be relatable to a lot of people- growing up with a single mom, feeling out of place, insomnia, and finding a strong sense of purpose in something you love.”Fo Daniels

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