Valentino Khan warms our ears up for festival season with pkg EP, feat. Eptic, Lil Jon & Psycho Boys Club

It’s been a minute since we heard from Los Angeles DJ and all-around house music troubadour Valentino Khan, but this side of 2022 our guy Valentino Khan is back with fresh EP, titled pkg. The EP features three surefire club bangers built on the producer’s signature mix of old-school house and unrelenting techno.

For ‘Bloodbath’, Khan calls on DJ/producer Eptic and rapper Lil Jon for this hard-hitting EDM smackdown which is just pure unadulterated ecstasy in sonic form. Keeping up the momentum, the dancefloor havoc is set to continue with second track ‘Hurricanrana’, which is a thunderous and swirling wall of pulsating EDM. If you need a pick me up today, then this is the one for you.

Third but not least we have ‘Baja Blast’, not just a refreshing summertime drink, but also thirst-quenching anthem for the festival season. One this last one, Khan has linked up with Psycho Boys Club, an up-and-coming techno duo who flex their crowd-pleasing drops and fiery beat alignments on this super spicy collaboration.

“I wanted to put together a release strictly for all the ravers out there.  In the midst of all my house music releases, I felt like switching it up to a more aggressive style for a moment.  These records are all heavy DJ tools that I want all of my peers to bang out in their sets.

I’m particularly proud of the lead single “Bloodbath” with Lil Jon and Eptic.  Those are two people I’ve wanted to work with for years and Jon’s vocals are insane on this track.  “Baja Blast” is a record I did with Psycho Boys Club, a couple of talented producers who are fast on the rise.  I made Hurricanrana coming out of the lockdowns and wanted to tap into the feeling that festival season is back.”

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