Premiere: almost sex reveal debut EP the eclectic indie-folk masterpiece – We’re Okay

Brooklyn based boy-girl duo almost sex (Nick Louis and Warren LaSota) have revealed their transcendent, 5-track, debut EP We’re Okay. A slice of Indie-folk magic at its absolute finest, We’re Okay is nothing short of a modern day, Indie music masterpiece, one that we have the absolute honour of exclusively premiering for you today.

Having released the first official single ‘Lucille’ from the EP earlier this year, we were gifted with a small taste of what was to come and boy were we in for a treat. ‘Lucille’ is overflowing with nostalgia and nuance as Nicks lead vocals lightly graze over each and every note, it undulates with a steady, focused, heart-beat like rhythm. Painted with angsty lyricism, the chorus is slow and laid back yet increasingly catchy as you find yourself caught up in the allurement of ‘Lucille’.

The other 4, previously unheard tracks are a gorgeous blend of haze-induing, Lo-fi pop, alt rock and intermittent moments of subtle, yet sweet Americana. The production is impeccable, a distinct meld of organic acoustics and electronic synths coming together in perfect harmony, the musicianship really shines through in this prestigious debut.

By Trevor Brenden

Briefly dissecting each track, ‘Show/tell’ is an anthemic-style ear worm, ‘Sound Asleep’ is bouncy and upbeat, ‘Beverly’ has a welcomed grittier edge and the EP finisher, ‘We’re Okay’ is soft, Lo-fi and the perfect, comforting end to a first-rate debut offering.

Simply put, We’re Okay is a remarkable debut EP, with equal parts Nick and equal parts Warren, all tied together by the talented Ken Helmlinger.

With a film-like storyline to match, almost sex first connected on dating app Hinge back in the height of the pandemic, 2 years ago this month. They began writing lyrics and sharing demos back and forth, finishing songs before even having met. We’re Okay marks a truly poignant moment, not only in the bands career but also for their audience. With this project they have also given their fans the chance to reflect and reminisce back to an unprecedented time in our history. How special it is to be a part of and to witness something so beautiful come from a period of which at times, held such uncertainty and fear.

One thing we are certain of however is with a debut like this, the skies the limit for almost sex and We’re Okay is merely the beginning.

Stream We’re Okay now, below:

“The process of writing and recording this EP involved us stripping things back a bit to consolidate the core elements that made up our sound. Our drummer had been away for work for most of the year, so we began performing shows with an analog drum machine from 1979. We decided to take it into the studio with us and it ended up becoming the principal instrument featured on most of these tracks. Much of the lyrical content of the project centers around themes of getting older in an increasingly frightening and hyper-commodified world.” almost sex

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