Nobody’s Wolf Child entice you into worlds unseen with debut ‘The Fall’

It goes without saying that an artists debut single is a huge, pinnacle moment in their career. Often years or so of careful writing, recording, practicing and planning goes into and comes down to this very moment. The moment they share their art with the world, where their journey officially begins, takes great courage. No longer preparing in the unseen, the dark and the shadows, they step into the light and set the tone for who they are and how they want to be seen as an artist.

Sometimes an artist comes along who takes a debut to a whole new level, introducing Nobody’s Wolf Child as she shares her epic debut single ‘The Fall’. Sending an almighty message with this first release, that the Wolf Child has arrived and we better be ready for the ride.

Ticking all the boxes from the get go, the artwork, visual and single itself are simply breathtaking. With powerful, yet angelic vocals that storm through the mix of stunning instrumentation. An acute and unique blend of alternative pop, world and classical, all rolled into one ‘The Fall’ is in a class of its own as it intimately draws the listener in to a world in which she has created. With notes of Lana Del Ray combined with Ruelle, this is a mix like never seen before.

Ethereal, mesmerising and overflowing with pure magic ‘The Fall’ wouldn’t be out of place on the title sequence of the next big fantasy TV series or movie. Incredibly cinematic, it’s not only the visuals that have us on the edge of our seat but also the musicianship. Glorious harmonic tones are layered to perfection as the tribal drums build and soar alongside the vocals. The single ebbs and flows, rises and falls with sophisticated drama and dynamism. Highly evocative and entirely immersive, the nature of Nobody’s Wolf Child is slowly being revealed and with 12 unreleased tracks ready to be shared, it won’t be long until we are gifted with more of the world and the intriguing lore she is creating.

Theres no question that Nobody’s Wolf Child has captivated our curiosity and harnessed our attention, now with complete and utter intrepid anticipation we eagerly await her next move, the question is, will you “Join The Pack” with us?

“When you tread into this place, tread lightly and look over your shoulder. You are the one who really doesn’t belong here”Nobody’s Wolf Child

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