‘Flawed Diamonds’ is the homage to romance from alt-folk Vancouver artist Plain Mister Smith

We couldn’t help but to be intrigued by the quirky image of Plain Mister Smith, a suited and booted figure ready to head into a 1950s board meeting, although it all swerves a little left when you realise his head is… a globe. This is the stage presentation of Vancouver artist and composer Mark Jowett, who despite his “Mr World” appearance, actually makes really accessible and friendly alt-folk music.

The newest release from the Plain Mister Smith project is ‘Flawed Diamonds’ rooted into his indie-pop, alt-folk and singer-songwriter style with the complimentary vocals of fellow Vancouver residents Jordan Klassen and Jocelyn Price. On the whole, this track is a light and warm expression of tenderness, framed by beatnik drums, open acoustic guitar strings. This winding track is “a romantic homage pure and not-quite-that-simple”.

“I wrote Flawed Diamonds over several years, then sent out to Jordan, one of my favourite Vancouver artists, who recommended Jocelyn and he duet on it. (I have a woeful voice so always like others to sing my songs if possible). It was a kind of “long and winding road” way of creating a song but it’s thrilling when you get the song back with actual vocals on it – it’s always different then you think it’s going to sound.”

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