Rising rapper Kuda releases his own dose of hip-hop in ‘Down There’

A new realm of hip-hop has quickly taken centre stage in the past 18 months or so, and North Carolina based rapper Kuda has certainly taken advantage of this newfound sound. With catchy, autotune melodies and a synth-driven production to set the scene, Kuda has quickly made a name for himself and has no trouble in writing hook-ridden rhymes that stick.

His latest offering is the highly addictive ‘Down There’, and it perfectly represents his direction. Only his third single release, he has grasped an invested audience already, amassing over a million streams already across his releases. ‘Down There’ is a song you’ll have on repeat and if you’re a fan of Kid Cudi or Kanye West, you’ll be doing that for days.

Listen to Kuda – ‘Down There’


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