Mini Melon Mix Ups: Chillhum, Chad Lawson, LEAP, Silent Child x Vosai, Volleyball , Eliyanah, Arliston, Robbi Niles & updog X Crypto

Welcome once again to our bi-weekly musical round-up. This will be the last of the year as we edge ever eagerly into the holiday season, with 2022 beckoning us along with the promise of a better year (fingers crossed!) Enjoy the tunes, the festivities and we’ll see you again next year! Stay safe all.

First up is a suitably seasonal offering from California cruiser Chillhum, who we’ve showcases a few times on PM in the past. ‘snow’ is a playful mix of softly brushed guitar and the artist’s penchant for tapping, syncopated beats, all of which is set in a some far-off wintery escape where creativity flows as easily as heavy snow.

‘”snow’ is more personal lyrically in that I wrote it reflecting on when I was a teenager. I used to listen to reggae music all the time and I always remember enjoying it even more when we got snowy weather in the northeast where I grew up. I also first got introduced to electronic music in those years and heard a lot of the songs that got me into it in the car with my friend; during the winter months we would drive to this area of our town that was pretty much deserted until summer and listen to music, and I draw a lot of descriptions from that. The lyrics tie all those experiences together really nicely for me and give the song a fun nostalgic vibe. The beat fits this perfectly too, I think, because it combines that guitar melody with more electronically based elements similar to how my taste in music was evolving at the time.”

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Let’s keep those holiday vibes going with a blast from the past thanks to singer-songwriter Chad Lawson who has released a series on Christmas classic cover songs in his Christmas In My Dreams EP. While we think this whole EP is a perfect soundtrack to cooking your very own festive feast, a special shout-out goes to ‘Silent Night’ featuring the blissful vocals of Dinah Washington.

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Now that we’ve had our fill of holidays tracks, let’s take a sharp departure and let our frustrations out with the huge new tune from LEAP. ‘Potions’ is another chapter in lead singer Jacky Scott’s exploration of his mental health, particularly his bipolar disorder diagnosis, with this fiercely intense track examing the impact that drugs, both prescribed and otherwise, impact his mind.

“Potions is a song I wrote about addiction and the different vices people take to escape their own disturbed thoughts. Feeling disconnected from the world and the people around me is something I’ve struggled with living with bi polar leading me to different forms of self medication but using music as an outlet has helped me conquer some of these demons. I hope anyone out there struggling can take something positive away from the song.”

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Sticking to that darker side of the coin, we have Vosai’s new remix of Silent Child’s explicit ‘Fuck You’. Retaining the artist’s original deep vocals and simmering rage, the producer pushes the envelope into deathly drops and searing EDM interludes.

“On this remix, I wanted to enhance that feeling that Silent Child describes when he wrote the lyrics, this time in the production, with an evil, energetic drop that matched what I felt was the same vibe.”

Next up, is a little bit of a different offering. London-based modern psych band Volleyball have teamed up with Chalkpit Cassette Club to bring you their latest offering, ‘Nature Doesn’t Rush’ on a cassette tape! Whilst we have given an example of the tunes above, some which feature on the cassette itself. This offering is an entity all of its own. A limited edition release celebrating all current work by the project including unique remixes. Enjoy the bold to the booming as this tape submerges listeners into dreamy soundscapes. Grab your copy here.

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New offering ‘Somebody Else’ from alt-pop artist Eliyanah is next on our radar. Featuring raw, angelic vocals, this single dives deep into the emotions around a painful end of a long-term relationship as well as adapting to life after it, making for a truly cathartic single. Soft percussion oozes over nostalgic keys and ethereal harmonies whilst Eliyanah blends indie, pop, alternative and electronic elements.

“The song explores the complicated and painful twists of navigating a long-term relationship’s end, as well as confronting yourself in its wake.” – Eliyanah

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Arliston are the latest alternative outfit to come out of the capital. A trio comprising three completely different music backgrounds and personalities; Jordi, Jack and George all provide genre influences ranging from metal to indie, from all corners of the UK and beyond. Their second single, ‘Mountaineer’, leads with an unravelling and characterful piano line that wists you away, before bringing you back with what isn’t the melody line you would expect to follow. Symbolising their individualistic approach to their craft, the octave covered vocal is soft and delicate, in what is a song all about the point of no return.

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Next up is a brand new track by Barbadian R&B artist Robbi Niles who is back with the sweet sounds of his latest single, ‘Melody’. Packed with emotion and dreaming instrumentation, ‘Melody’ demonstrates some of Robbi’s finest work. Bringing together layers of airy synth, deep bass and a swaying, punching beat, Robbi creates an atmospheric Soul infused R&B sultry soundscape comparable to the likes of The Weeknd. Robbi’s stylistic, chilled, melancholic vocal delivery shines through emphasizing the depth of emotion that the track possesses. 

“Melody is a reflective piece. It encapsulates my emotional state of mind as I was trying to cope with grief. After the tragic loss of my dear friend to cancer, I put pen to paper with the aid of veteran songwriter Sonia Leigh and producer/songwriter Terrance Lam (POLUN). 

I hope that the song would be a sign of hope and comfort for anyone and everyone who is going through similar circumstances. You are not alone.”Robbi Niles

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Last but by no means least we have the final offering of the year from updog and label CloudKid. This time we see updog team up with long term friend and collaborator Crypto for poignant single ‘Life Goes On’. Truly ending the year with complete class and style, this cover of one of Oliver Tree’s best is a bright, striking and stirring slice of glorious pop rock. Showcasing glistening synth work, a foot stomping groove and catchy vocals, ‘Life Goes On’ is the perfect way to go out with a bang!

“Crypto and I have been through so much together this year: from them taking me to their home planet, saving then returning me, bringing me back, doing songs together, among other crazy feats and adventures that we figured if there was one last song we could collab on that would perfectly describe our journey, it was this one by Oliver Tree. I guess life will carry on and move forward with or without our wild antics.” – updog

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