Coleo shares his sheer determination in ‘Been Trying’

Based in Montreal, artist Coleo has released his anthem for the motivated ‘Been Trying’. The mantra we all need at times, Coleo has gifted his fans with a track to encourage and keep them going, especially when the path may seem difficult to tread.

Willing us on, with every step, ‘Been Trying’ carries an important message directly from the young artists heart, stepping up to be the role model so many may need and relate to. With a background in Rap and Hip-Hop, ‘Been Trying’ features the best of both worlds, fuelled with determination, playful lyricism and diverse melodies Coleo’s got our back on this one.

Been Trying talks about the hunger that I have to succeed in the industry and the fact that despite the distractions that I might have had in the past, I’m coming back heavy with fresh new music. Nevertheless, ‘Been Trying” stands for distractions that have ‘been trying’ to knock me down in vain.”Coleo

Follow Coleo on Instagram here.

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