WAYI has the soundtrack for your downtime with ‘Chill’

WAYI pronounced wa-yee, is a Belgium based artist who may just become your newest R&B obsession. Oozing with passion filled grooves and a sublime sophistication, her newest single ‘Chill’ is anything but in terms of the talented production. Succulently layered with gorgeous harmonies, WAYI’s capable vocals ebb and flow, carefully across the track with a quiet confidence.

Thus the newest tune to soundtrack your downtime was born, pop ‘Chill’ on and blissfully zone out.

“You’ll mostly find me in my sweatpants and a T-shirt. However,  I love dressing up with heels, accessories, wear make-up, look cute. With ‘Chill’ I wanted to write about and show that side, a more sensual & sexy WAYI. I guess that’s the dual personality of a Gemini.” – WAYI

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