Germany’s Edwin Rosen arrives today with the long awaited debut EP„mitleerenhänden

Germany’s Edwin Rosen arrives today with the long awaited & highly anticipated debut EP, „mitleerenhänden. This incredible release comes jam-packed with 5 tracks and arrives alongside some brand new visuals for the accompanying title track, ‘mitleerenhänden’, directed by Dan Trautwein and written and produced by Rosen himself.

Drawing on past experiences for his songwriting inspiration, Rosen narrates the ups and downs of life over a collection of German-language pop tracks that range from melancholia infused synth-pop (‘mitleerenhänden’) to up-beat, electronic-based Eurodance (‘Verschwende deine Zeit’) and of course, Edwin’s very own neueneue deutsche welle style, (‘Leichter//kälter’).

An incredibly gifted writer, vocalist and producer , Edwin Rosen is taking the German music world by storm and quickly rising to global recognition with no label, promotion or marketing plan. Now armed with a groundbreaking project, Rosen is raising his gaze, with his sights firmly set on the rest of the world, Berlin was just the beginning.

Listen to „mitleerenhänden by Edwin Rosen here


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