Mini Melon Mix ups: Milli jean, Logan M, scxtty, Golden Vessel x rei so la, Riot Ten x Young Buck, Say My Name x Softest Hard, LLUCID, Harry Edwards, Jeremy Loops, Máni Orrason, Damon Fletcher & Rory and the Island.

Hey friends! We hope you have all had a glorious week and are not far off jumping, skipping, diving and belly flopping into a gorgeous weekend. So, here’s our recommended picks to help you get that Friday feeling ASAP.

First up and kicking things off with an absolute storm is London based hip Hop artist Milli jean with debut single ‘Different’. Determined to stand out from the very beginning, ‘Different’ is exactly how the name suggests. Combined with complex lyricism and dotted with Drill inspiration throughout, Milli hits the breaks with expertise well beyond his years and allows the track space to breath and grow, then attacking the verses once more. Energetic, exciting and one for the replay button, don’t sleep on ‘Different’.

“I want to change how people think of and listen to drill music. I want to erase the violent stigma around the genre and have people turn up to it instead”. – Milli Jean

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Moving swiftly on to our next pick, we have Logan M with ‘Trippin’. Detailing an all to familiar struggle that many of us may have faced, ‘Trippin’ is an emotional eulogy to the end of a relationship and the difficulty in letting go of that intimate connection. Featuring perfect Lo-Fi production tinged with heavy hitting Hip Hop grooves and studded with Logan M’s melt in the mouth vocals, ‘Trippin’ is loaded with eloquence and sentiment, showing a welcomed vulnerability to this intriguing artist. Pop this on and let it flow.

“Trippin’ is chill pop track about trying to move on from an older relationship that you’re still caught up on; Trippin’ reflects on the problems of trying to date again, the drama, the emotions, the confusion, and how there’s other people out there who would be happy with you, but you’re stuck on someone from the past who’s moved on. I wrote Trippin’ freshly out of a relationship that didn’t work out, I struggled to connect with the girl on something deeper than a close friendship, and deep down wondered if it was because I was still looking for something as good or better than my first relationship which I can’t seem to find”. – Logan M

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Entering the punchy realm of pop punk, we have new single Red Camaro from scxtty on our radars now. A newcomer to scene, scxtty is arriving in explosive style as ‘Red Camaro’ oozes with edge and overflows with energy. Combining the addictive, unmistakable sounds of of the punk world, he seamlessly infuses this with pop sensibilities creating a concoction simply made for our ear enjoyment and ecstasy. Escape into scxtty’s daydreams with this otherworldly inspired track and relish the rebellion. Looking forward to more riotous releases from this powerhouse.

“Red Camaro is about wanting to get out of a small town and make it big time. As cliche as it sounds it’s very honest because I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life and really want to get out eventually and move to the west coast. To be the next big thing and be idolized like people idolized James Dean, that’s what the song entails. Wanting to live the daydream that I think about while I sit in my Psych class.” – scxtty

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No stranger to the melon-sphere, next up we have one of our fave aussie artists Golden Vessel who has returned to our eardrums with ‘Jersey City’ ft rei so la. King of collaborations, Golden Vessel entices plenty of exciting artists on to his tracks for our listening pleasure and ‘Jersey City’ is nothing short of an absolute treat. Gently uplifting, this single is a glorious drop of indie electronic, perfectly combined with a generous dusting of alt-pop. Written almost two years ago, ‘Jersey City’ has finally made it to the surface and shines brilliantly in the light of day. Capturing a brief, yet beautiful moment in time let Golden Vessel & rei so la take you on a journey to ‘Jersey City’.

The song is about staying in Jersey City and being so close to New York that you just want to jump on the train the second you’re awake. Not that Jersey City isn’t nice at all, but there’s something really special about catching the PATH train and getting to Manhattan. And then staying out as late as possible before you have to catch the train back.”– Golden Vessel

“Maxwell and I came up with the idea for Jersey City not long before the world shut down and the idea of travelling became not so favourable. I’ve not had the chance to visit Jersey City, but I enjoyed imagining a world through the lens of Maxwell as he described his past experiences of being there. The songwriting process provided an opportunity to live in an idea for a brief moment and having a friend to share that excitement with is unmatched.” – rei so la

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Riot Ten and Young Buck burst onto the airwaves this week ft DJ Afterthought for the absolute banger that is ‘Mawlee’. A single that is sure to stop you dead in your tracks, ‘Mawlee’ combines the best of both worlds, painted with Hip Hop influences, it’s an extremely exciting hybrid with epic bass and expert electronics taking centre stage. Building from the very beginning ‘Mawlee’ is a heavy hitter, overflowing with energy, prepare to blast this one through the speakers.

Creating this song was honestly the most fun I’ve had with a record in a long time. Experimenting with all-new sounds while keeping it simple – yet engaging and effective – was really a test. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Getting Young Buck on the track, who I’ve been a fan of for over a decade, was the icing on the cake. He absolutely nailed it. My boy Afterthought came in with the finishing touches. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a record since ‘Rail Breaker.’”- Riot Ten

“Electronic music gives me this undeniable party vibe that brings out the beast. The energy of this record is unmatched.” – Young Buck

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Layered with progressive percussion, next in line we have another brand new collab from Say My Name, as he teams up with fellow producer Softest Hard for ‘POWER’. Marking the second single from upcoming EP – ‘Dynasty’, this latest offering features Say My Names signature Trap blend and kicks off with glistening chord progressions before gearing it up to top notch speed. ‘POWER’ represents all the elements that are associated with the word, thus creating the perfect audio definition and pairing. Oozing with fiery vivacity, we cannot wait to see what else Say My Name brings to the table ahead of ‘Dynasty’ EP.

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LLUCID and Mulay are representing the best of Berlin-based talent in their new collaborative single ‘Fake Love’ released via Groenland Records. Taking point on production, the track is signature to LLUCID’s style which incorporates club beats, hip-hop rhythms and pop-R&B melodies to make a super glossy number the perfectly compliments that serene vocals of Mulay.

“We started this song about a year ago, around the same time we wrote ‘Incomplete,’ one of the reasons why both kinda belong together. Some songs are quickly done, but not this one. This one felt special and since Mulay and I both are quite perfectionists, we put a lot of effort into refining each and every element of the song: re-recording vocals, rearranging the song & trying out different ideas. Fun fact: We even imitated an old school type house sample, so the vocals you hear right after the chorus are actually Mulay’s. In the end it’s always fascinating how you seem to learn new things with every song you make, especially when it comes to collabs.” – LLUCID

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Freshly signed to Decca Records, multi-instrumentalist Harry Edwards has shared this two minute creation proving to us all just exactly how talented he is. Not really a song in the traditional sense, ‘I Hope You Hear’ sounds more like a meditative improvisation caught on tape, which all the warmth and space of a natural moment in time. Vocal, piano, a little electronica – it’s really rather beautiful. You can explore more of Harry Edwards’ unique style in his darkly sophisticated mixtape, Loops, which is out now.

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We have an extra special treat for you this MMM from songwriter Jeremy Loops and iconic name Ladysmith Black Mambazo in celebration of peace and unification in the diverse country of South Africa. ‘This Town’ is an utterly joyful listen that’ll have you on your feet dancing and singing along with a huge smile across your face; it’s a feel-good tonic!

“We would like people to get a sense of self-worth from the song and to be encouraged to work towards what they want in life and be patient and know that it will all work out in the end and don’t be shy to ask for help if things are tough.” – Ladysmith Black Mambazo

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Following on from recent release ‘Change The World’, the Berlin-based Icelandic artist Máni Orrason shares another slice of his high-octane pop with ‘D&G’, co-written alongside Yann Lauren. This thrilling piece of über-modern hedonism celebrates nature and youthfulness, aided by a rushing video directed by Andjani Autumn.

 “When I started making music, my idea of myself was a serious singer-songwriter and I wore Chelsea boots and a black coat and listened to Bob Dylan and had a harmonica; I had this puristidea of songwriting and how I wanted to exist,” Orrason explains, reflecting on how this is no longer what he connects with. “I’m always just looking to be excited. I want to push myself to work in different facets of music and experiment in different worlds. But I think [growing as an artist is] also just the influence of different experiences and all these different times [in my life].” – Máni Orrason

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Domon Fletcher gets into the groove in his newest, up-beat pop single, ‘Catchin’ Dreams’ featuring Robbie Rosen. A warm and infectious, club banger, this track brings a dazzling ray of sunshine to the colder winter months.

“My hopes for the track is that it can reach people and put a smile on their face and hopefully encourage at least one person to change their life around to get up and catch their dreams.”

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Last up is Irish artist Rory And The Island who is back with the colourful and upbeat retro pop tune ‘Donna Don’t Take My Summer’. A massive departure from his usually melancholia-tinged pop, Rory injects a healthy dose of happy into this track offering nods to the New York Disco scene of the late 1970s, Quincy Jones, KC and the Sunshine band and Nile Rogers.

“After releasing two introvert melancholic songs during the pandemic I decided that with a bit of light at the end of the tunnel to just go crazy with a feel-good bubblegum pop summer song!” – Rory.

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