Becky Krill talks back to the man in ‘Bubble’, the lead single from her new album.

Brooklyn-based songstress, producer and multi-instrumentalist Becky Krill makes a welcomed return to the airwaves with the release of Little Girl, her latest 10-track studio album featuring the incredible lead single, ‘Bubble’. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ani Difranco, Sara Bareilles, TLC, The Rolling Stones, Alanis Morissette and Robyn, Becky Krill is known for her diverse sound and ‘Bubble’ is a shining example of that.

Speaking on the new single, Becky Krill explains:

“I was very inspired by the Dixie Chicks when I sat down to write Bubble. I guess you could say this is my “shut up and sing” song. Bubble features Rootstock Republic on strings & noteworthy percussionist Allison Miller on drums. The song explores how our gender, race & overall identities can put us in harm’s way & encourages everyone (especially young women) to stand up to bullies, racists, chauvinists & oppressors of all kinds.”

Bright and bubbly yet rebellious and empowering, ‘Bubble’ is an incredible, guitar-led track with strong Country influences nestled between acoustic-pop sensibilities, a demonstration of Krill’s ear for unusual sonic blends and unexpected genre crossovers. Fun yet fierce, this track sees Krill tackle some serious societal issues with an endearing flare and self-assured assertiveness, offering everything from wise words and compelling narrative lyricism to a hint of satire for good measure. Well-rounded, well-thought out and well-executed, ‘Bubble’ is well worth the listen.

Listen to Becky Krill – Bubble


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