Mini Melon Mix Ups: Macious, Patrik Kabongo, Adventure Club x Nurko, Sintra, Maddox Jones and Bad Pop

Hello, hello our fruity friends! We hope you have had a wonderful week! It gives us great pleasure to welcome you back to another tasty little MMM slice. We hope you are ready for a marvellous weekend ahead and to help get you on your way we’ve selected a handful of the finest new tunes to make for a cracking start.

Sounding like a Top of the Pops presenter from the mid ’90s, we’re saying “let’s get the party started” with Macious. There’s just something about the pulsating, optimistic and sweeping style of new single ‘Jazz’ that makes us want to say such things, we can’t be blamed, it’s all on the music! If you’ve clicked play on the stream below, then you’re also bopping around in your chair by the point and if you haven’t, do yourself a favour by kicking off those slippers and have a good old boogie to this one.

The song ‘Jazz’ was created at a house party a few years back and at the time, one of Stoke’s biggest DJ’s and local legend, Edit Grant came in my room wearing a pink scarf and thumbing his hand to the beat! At this point he introduced me to his taxi driver, the energetic Jazz, who also loved the vibe of the track. I decided to call the track after the unknown taxi driver who is Jazz. This one’s for you.”

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Keeping that summer vibe going, let’s head on into Patrik Kabongo’s hot’n’heavy ’98 Degrees’, a moody piece of sculpted hip-hop from the emerging Toronto talent. We love those old school record scratches and deep bass beats. that give a real edge to Kabongo’s list of “summer clichés”. Just as the rapper himself puts it, the vibe is feeling lit from start to finish.

“I wanted to create a high tempo song for the summer. Something that would have the blended energy of heavy trap bass and Lil Mama’s ‘Lip Gloss’.”

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We’re all in for collaborations here at PM, the EDM community wouldn’t be the same without them. ‘Color Blind’ is the joint work of Montreal multi-talented duo Adventure Club and New York producer and DJ, as well as featuring the indomitable voice of Dayseeker’s Rory Rodriguez. It’s a dubstep treat for the soul that uses heartfelt harmonies and energetic beats to express the emotion that’s simply overflowing from this track. Below we hear Adventure Club about how awesome it was to work on ‘Color Blind’

“One of our favorite dream collaborations to date. We absolutely love everything Nurko has been releasing, pushing melodic bass boundaries. Dayseeker is currently one of our favorite bands, so we’re completely honored to have Rory contribute his incredible vocals.”

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If there’s one thing to take away from the pandemic, it’s that festivals are sacred and we shouldn’t take them for granted. One artist who knows this more than most is Nashville-based producer and DJ Sintra who got his first, sweet taste of electronic music at Bonnaroo (not a bad place to start!) and thus his obsession was born. New single ‘Break’, shows just how seriously this relative newcomer takes his craft; it’s super high-tech house showing off his bold bass-heavy style.

“Break is about being caught in a bad romance. There’s frustration but there comes a point when you decide to stop caring and just enjoy yourself. That’s the energy I wanted to capture.”

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For a full on Summertime banger, we have Northampton’s very own claim to fame, Maddox Jones next as he returns returns with his new single ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan (Believe It)’. Filled with uplifting lyrics, bouncing beats and layers of rhythm. ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan (Believe It)’ has essences of that coveted feel good factor Daft Punk manage to embed into their sound. The perfect future-pop tune to play and jam out to in the sunshine!  

“There’s some uncertainty with things opening up and whether the timing is right for that, maybe this song will bring comfort to someone who’s still waiting to re-engage with the world, that things might be hard right now but they will eventually be ok again. The song also has a playful side, reminding us to find joy in the small things: “Let this melody from my head take you somewhere else instead”.Maddox Jones

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Finally, to finish off this MMM slice, we have a brand new video from Canadian trio Bad Pop for new single ‘Heartache on the Reddit Boards’. Gently fuzzy with layers of haze and warmth, this new release features soft harmonic layers and light melodies throughout. Partnered with vintage, lo-fi footage, the video is rather mesmerising to watch as it travels through the ages of various performance style pieces.

“The song is written through the perspective of a young artist who feels like they’re special and deserving of success, whose purpose is to have an audience, how they get it or what they say in front of it doesn’t really matter. So we wanted to use footage that had a real performative feel to it but also hinted at this vapid, perception based internet culture that we live in, where attention is the goal in itself” – Chris Connelly (Bad Pop)

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