Henry Taylour captures summer on ‘The Sun (A Dog), Sand And Sea’

Singer-songwriter Henry Taylour admits that he doesn’t usually write “light” songs, oftentimes opting for more introverted indie-folk serenades, but you wouldn’t know this listening to new single ‘The Sun (A Dog), Sand And Sea’. The upbeat percussion and optimistic guitars mimic the easygoing passage of time evoked by long summer days full of possibility and hope, eve if there’s still a splash of Taylour’s signature melancholia in there.

We especially relate to the experience of meeting people, whether those connections be significant or fleeting, in a circle on the ground – summer is all about that. The rich vocabulary and vibrant image of ‘The Sun (A Dog), Sand And Sea’ is perhaps a remnant of Henry Taylour’s past vocation as a literature teacher, adding colour to his seaside escapades.

The song is probably the lightest song I’ve ever written. It is about celebrating the happiest memories in your life, where you might show a total refusal to grow up and behave as society might sometimes suggest you should. Over the last period we have needed these memories more than ever, and we can still strive to create more like it.”

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