Delve into the dramatic piano-pop soundscape of Emilia Tarrant’s ‘Here You Are, Again’

Winchester teenager Emilia Tarrant is back again with a spell-binding pop single ‘Here You Are, Again’ that follows on from the dreamy aesthetic of ‘Honeymoon Phase’. Teaming up with producer Luke Potashnick, the burgeoning singer-songwriter reflects on her time in lockdown as a result of the pandemic. Her luxurious vocals wade through these heavy emotions highlighted by the dramatic piano-pop soundscape.

The melody is also absolutely infectious, making this huge-feeling ballad more accessible to younger listeners who live for catchy pop hooks. Clearly, Tarrant isn’t your average 19-year-old, the depth of her emotion and the prowess that she exudes over her musical creation mirrors a highly promising future for this British talent.

If you’d like to see Emilia Tarrant in action and you happen to be in London on July 20th, then head on down to Old Blue Last for an IRL performance.

“‘Here You Are, Again’ is a song brought on from the drop of my mental state after just entering the second lockdown of last year. After experiencing this collapse in emotion multiple times (one day feeling content, and the next, real sadness) I realised that mental health comes and goes as it pleases.  It’s really tiring, and something I had hoped wouldn’t last forever, hence the lyric: ‘maybe I was a lil naive to believe that it would be that easy’. Whether it is mental health, a complicated relationship, or the recent ups and downs of the pandemic, I feel the song is relatable to anyone who struggles with the repetitive nature of life.”

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