Mini Melon Mix-ups: Ellie Grace, Orion Shoals, QUIET BISON, TRUTH, ROE, Charmaine, Anja Kotar & Billy Fox

Hello, hiya, hi, howdy hey! Welcome to another saucy MMM slice. It’s that time again where we share our fave, brand new bops, bangers and absolute tune to help you sink into a sensational weekend. So kick back, relax and listen up!

First up we have the sweet heartfelt vocals of London’s own Ellie Grace. Vibrant electro pop with a bouncing beat, ‘Thinking About Her’ is a young, colourful new offering where Ellie shares a part of her soul alongside glorious pop melodies. With an undeniable talent for effortlessly conveying every human emotion through her unique blend of indie-pop, Ellie Grace has been making waves with her DIY solo releases.

“Thinking About Her is about what it was like to fall in love with my girlfriend. It was actually so refreshing to write about the beautiful, exciting stage of falling in love, as it’s usually way too easy to fall into writing about when things go wrong. This is the first same-sex relationship I’ve had which I think made the feelings even more intense at the beginning, and this is really captured for me in the middle-8 section.”

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Los Angeles, indie-rock band Orion Shoals are next in our line up with brand new track ‘Time and Space’. Raw, brooding and full of atmosphere, this duo ooze a gritty, bluesy vibe that transports you into their hand crafted musical realm. Refusing to be contained within the limits of one genre or another, Orion Shoals are breathing fresh new life into the Americana scene.

“Time and Space” is an honest song about loss and letting go of the past. It builds to a euphoric release in the last chorus. The music mainly draws influence from indie rock and country. There is also an element of psychedelic rock giving the song a more atmospheric and meditative feel. The country influence stands out in the second chorus when the drums go into a gallop.”

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Quinn Brown aka QUIET BISON has teamed up with wilo wilde for new single ‘Waiting For You’. Dedicated to the experimental world, this electronic crossover is the sophomore single to his debut album Dawn. With wilo wildes angelic vocals skating across the surface, backed up by QUIET BISON’s wonky, yet impeccable production, this marks for a unique and truly remarkable new release from the artist.

After speaking about this with wilo I wanted to turn her feelings towards her lyrical content and make it sound really vibrant and interesting. It took some months perfecting this one with everyone involved but I’m really glad we were patient and kept with it because I’m really happy with it.

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New Zealand dub duo TRUTH have released new single ‘Acceptance’ today, which marks as the title track fro upcoming album of the same name. The award winning pair are reigning champs of contemporary dubstep and with this newest release it’s not hard to see why. With exceptional synth work and masterful production ‘Acceptance’ is mystical, industrial and other worldly.

“‘Acceptance’ is a deeply personal musical experience for us where we have bared far more of ourselves than in previous albums. It’s more of a piece that says who we are. We chose ‘Pages’ as the lead track because it embodies everything about this release that we are proud of. It’s poignant and nostalgic, while also existing in a dreamlike, lush, yet slightly eerie space. With this track we hope to evoke in the listener that feeling that you get when you come across a long forgotten memory.”

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Hailing from Derry and full of energy from the very first second, next we have the infectious indie pop single ‘Cruel’ from ROE. With soft rock sensibilities melting through the seams, ROE’s vocals sits comfortable, confident yet intimate, contrasting with the heavy instrumentation. The beginning of a new style, look and era for the already accomplished artist. We look forward to see what else she brings to the table.

“‘Cruel was written about wanting to care for someone who doesn’t deserve the loyalty. It’s about being brainwashed into only seeing the good in somebody and thinking that they’re this huge part of your personality that you’d be lost without, when in reality they’re only dragging you down.”

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The “bop connoiseur” is back and better than ever, following on from the recent release of her debut EP, Charmaine’s upping the ante with three new additions to create her Hood Avant Garde Deluxe EP. Featuring three incredible new features, this deluxe tape is not to be missed, and the lead single ‘A Mi Manera’ is no exception. A fiery, Latin, reggaeton bop, ‘A Mi Manera’ arrives just in time for the summer!

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Last up is a gorgeous new song by the lovely, Anja Kotar. Following the release of a string of successful, gentle pop singles based around the modern day, the pandemic and themes of loneliness, loss and love; Kotar returns once more with ‘Love Song’, an enchantingly produced number that incorporates elements of pop with a voice capable of intriguing moments of raw power.

With not much else to do during quarantine, I started watching a lot of films (mostly romantic comedies) and started fantasizing about the perfect meet-cute. I’m a huge romantic and I always envisioned love like in the movies – deep and authentic, finding your ‘the one’ person in the most magical, beautiful way. I started writing ‘Love Song’ as sort of my thesis on how I view love, how I one day hope it turns out for me 🙂 I sent the demo to my friend and producer Dimitri Morris, and a few days later, he came back with this dreamy, almost Disney princess-like instrumental that can now be heard in the song. I hope that one day I get to play this to my husband and say: ‘see, I always knew it would be like this.” 🙂

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We’re wrapping up our latest installment of hand-selected tracks with the oxymoronically blissful tune ‘Its A Mess’ from Australian artist Billy Fox. It’s undeniably summery creation built on a collage of light beats, sumptuous bass and a delicate melody. This song was written for all those who need a moment of calm in the chaos and stress of life.

”It’s A Mess’ was writtenfor those times when you feel you are losing your footing; life is messy, and you’re feeling the pinch, so to speak. Life ebbs and flows in its mysterious ways, and I feel I’m always in a flux between calm & controlled periods and messy & unpredictable periods.This song is also about embracing the messiness and accepting it as much as you can. Sometimes we need to resist and fight back, but othertimes, the more we resist, the harder it is for the solution to appear – if you’re caught in a rip in the surf, you’ve gotta keep calm, save your energy and try to keep your head above the water.”

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