‘Hate Me’ is the latest single release from breakthrough singer-songwriter, Saint Wade

‘Hate Me’ is the latest single release from breakthrough singer-songwriter, Saint Wade. A fast-paced, hip-hop inspired pop number, ‘Hate Me’ is the second release from Saint Wade this year, following closely behind Step and Repeat, featuring Landis, which currently sits at over 100k streams.

An inspiring and mysterious new artist, Saint Wade prefers to let his music speak for itself and ‘Hate Me’ boldly let’s listeners know exactly what’s on his mind, whilst cleverly leaving room for listeners to apply their own interpretations.

Speaking on the new track, Saint Wade explains:

 “Hate Me is very anti-truce, it’s about owning your own power and not allowing someone back into your life after you trusted them to be there for you. It’s about cutting ties and leaving the past where it belongs.”

Set on a backdrop of 808-heavy trap beats and an assortment of cascading synths, Saint Wade’s smooth, church-trained voice rides the breezy instrumental as he effortlessly flows between assertive bar delivery and melodic pop vocals. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, Beyonce and Freddie Mercury, Saint Wade is destined to have his name in lights the way that his influences do. 

Saint Wade – ‘Hate Me’


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