Franki unveils his long-awaited debut EP, Rinse, repeat

Irish pop artist Franki unveils his long-awaited debut EP, Rinse, repeat, a 5-track synthpop-meets-electronic-rock masterpiece that’s just in time for the summer.

Drawing on sonic influences inspired by the likes of The 1975 and LANY, with some darker RnB undertones reminiscent of Blood Orange and The Weeknd, this project has a little something for everyone, from the radiant tones of ‘Santa Monica’ to the hazy, bop-worthy beats of ‘are u gonna’.

Gloriously creative and sonically unique, Rinse, repeat sees Franki combine the best elements of his cheery, electro-RnB inspired pop and playful, synth-heavy productions with smooth vocal offerings and disarmingly personal lyricism. A big fan of juxtaposing downbeat lyrics with upbeat sounds, this project sees Franki delve into his own insecurities and romantic hopes and fears whilst jaunty, pop instrumentals ring in the distance. The lead single, ‘Talk Again’ particularly solidifies the Dublin artists reputation for smart, chillwave pop and resonative songwriting.

Franki – Talk Again


“Talk Again encapsulates a lot of what the E.P is about for me which is uncertainty in love. How easy it can be to get lost in the midst of your emotions and to go back on your decisions despite having no clear outlook on what you want. The entire E.P for me is a collection of emotions that accompany you through the journey of falling in and out of love and how draining and repetitive the process can be. I think Talk Again signifies one of the hardest parts of that journey for me, the place of complete indecision and overwhelming doubt.”

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