American producer Bakermat returns with second studio album, The Spirit

Some people described their experience of listening to or creating music as a near-religious experience and no wonder, our minds are being hit by an intoxicating cocktail of feel-good neurological chemicals when we connect with sounds. It’s fitting then that American producer Bakermat has titled his second studio album as The Spirit. It follows the release of lead single ‘Ain’t Nobody’ featuring gospel luminary LaShun Pace, which was praised by Billboard no less.

What we love about this record is the old-school, although polished up with modern production techniques. It’s a celebration of groove-laden funk and new-age house, drawing parallels to the French Touch movement as well as a recent trend in the states for this nostalgic style.

Listen to this spectacular 12-track record below, including our fave find ‘From Paris To Amsterdam’.

“I wanted to go back to the roots with this album. Combining gospel, soul and folk samples with uplifting pianos and saxophones to create a collection of feel good songs perfect for the summer. The diversity in styles and genres is high and I experimented with elements of classical music and spoken word too. I hope this album can serve as a soundtrack for road trips, holidays and other fun times with friends and family. And lastly, I hope it inspires and connects people.”

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