Scott Helman’s ‘Old Friends’ is a bittersweet power pop single about recovering from addiction

Canada’s preliminary pop songwriter Scott Helman is back with another single that’s nothing short of a chart-topping tune. If you’re the kind of person who gets high on nostalgia or you’re experiencing the pangs of missing your friends because of time, distance or going you seperate ways, then ‘Old Friends’ is for you.

As we learned over on Atwood Magazine, Scott share that he penned this song on a trip to Los Angeles, crafting a “sleepy vibe” with his producer but finding himself a little bored of that, he requested a smattering of smashed chords and thus the invigorating chorus was born.

It’s definitely also a song about addiction and recovery as the rhetorical question “does it ever get better?” eludes to, recovery is hard especially when you’re running in circles with people who share the same problem as you. ‘Old Friends’ is a bombastic farewell to the past. It’s bittersweet, it’s powerful and it’s inevitable.

‘Old Friends’ is also out first taste of Scott Helman’s next major project due to arrive later this year.

“I wrote this song in LA. We had our verse, and it was sounding like a ballad about addiction, so we went in that direction. We had a melody for our chorus and we were working through the lyrics. After about 45 minutes of writing, I got a little bored of the sleepy vibe, and I stood up and asked Ryan (producer) to try smashing some chords after the verse instead. That was when I belted out “I MISS MY OLD FRIENDS,” an admission I hadn’t made to myself yet. The room sort of looked at each other, and we all knew that was the right direction.”

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