Stone Fruit make a glorious return with the release of their highly anticipated first single of the year ‘Second Guess’

Singer-songwriter & composition duo Stone Fruit make a glorious return to music with the release of their highly anticipated first single of the year, ‘Second Guess’. 

Both having worked on different projects, this partnership is the fruit of  Valentini Pavlidou and Lef Germenlis’ longstanding friendship and their unquenchable need to create a sound that brings together elements of soul, pop, R&B and electronic music. Heartfelt and introspective, Stone Fruit’s ‘Second Guess’ draws listeners in with its intimate narratives and ethereal soundscape, courtesy of Lef Germenlis stellar production. 

As the first single off their upcoming EP and a promising new addition to Stone Fruit’s growing discography, ‘Second Guess’ offers an insight into what the duo’s upcoming project may look and sound like. Taking influence from a wide range of genres as well as the work of  Ry X and London Grammar, ‘Second Guess’ with its electro-folk sensibilities and spacious production, makes for a captivating listen and an exciting return for the two friends & musicians. 

Over acoustic piano, shimmering chimes and emotive guitar chords, Valentini Pavlido’s vocals shine as she recalls a time now passed, questioning the decisions that led her to this place.  Reflective, and intimate, ‘Second Guess’ captures the beauty of vulnerability and self-introspection. Filling each release with rich storytelling and instrumentation, Stone Fruit continue to refine their craft with each new project. Look out for Stone Fruit’s upcoming EP, Hold Me Close set for release in July.

“’Second Guess’ is the first single of our third EP. Across our previous releases, we have explored different sounds influenced by soul, pop and electronic music. 

Although in this EP we had the pleasure to collaborate with and feature some amazing musicians, we chose ‘Second Guess’ to be our first single as it best captures the creative process of our duo. Written, recorded and produced in our home studio, this single is an electro-folk minimalistic track influenced by the likes of Ry X and London Grammar. 

The ethereal sounds and storyline are exploring and commenting on themes magnified during the pandemic, such as doubt and self-reflection.” – Stone Fruit.

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