Felix Saunders bares his soul in ‘Sinking Fast’, the second single released from his debut, solo EP

Scottish singer-songwriter Felix Saunders returns with his latest, soul-baring single, ‘Sinking Fast’, the second to be released from his debut, EP I Guess This Is Progress.

Originally from the West Isles, Sauders had gained himself a fair bit of recognition for his live performances in the dirty blues rock band he fronted, but has since chosen to take the solo route, releasing his debut single ‘This Old Town‘ back in 2019. However, it was the release of the EP’s lead single, ‘King of Nothing‘ which really got the momentum going for the upcoming talent, gaining rave reviews and substantial media coverage, notably a live session on  BBC Radio’s Rapal Show, airplay on BBC Radio Scotland, and an inclusion in the Glasgow Herald.

Known for his straight-talking, blunt and brutal honesty, Felix Saunders’ brand of bluesy-folk doesn’t shy away from the difficult, the painful or the awkward, Saunders’ songwriting takes it all head on, dissecting and criticising mainstream society over magically melancholy melodies and a lonesome guitar. Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Sinking Fast’, Felix Saunders shares:

Where I grew up there are two main industries; fishing and tourism, and Sinking Fast represents this  schism of class. This song touches on class, mental health and survival at a basic level, these two  industries show you a very concerning side to society at large“. Continuing, Felix states: “To sum it  up, my EP, I Guess This Is Progress, in a handful of words, it’s the sum of my mental health, failed  relationships, trying to survive on jobs that barely pay you, and feeling isolated from the world“. 

Produced by Pete Fletcher, also on keys and guitar, with backing vocals from Mother Night, ‘Sinking Fast’ is undoubtedly a masterful piece of work, from the poetic and politically tinged songwriting to the gorgeous simplicity of its production, which perfectly lends itself to the reflective mood of the song. Led by a delicate guitar melody, ‘Sinking Fast’ sees Felix Saunders flex his deliciously raspy and beautifully pessimistic vocals as he plays the kind of music that is usually heard in smoky back rooms as the sun comes up. Where people spill their most vulnerable secrets and try to wash them away with each drink they take.

Felix Saunders – ‘Sinking Fast’


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