Paper Idol releases penultimate single ‘Seen This All Before’

Iconic producer, artist and all round musical sensation, our fave Paper Idol has returned with another quirky, fun and completely original new single – ‘Seen This all Before’. Marking the penultimate piece of the crazy puzzle that will manifest as his ‘Mania Days’ EP out on June 25th.

A continuation of his dance-delusional journey, ‘Seen This All Before’ is funky, fresh and again highlights perfectly what makes the LA-based indie-electro producer so very unique and really rather special. Oozing with unusual yet utterly wonderful electronic synths that he layers and matches with an expertise like no other, he follows this with underlying alternate stand out melodies and grooves.

On the contrary and unlike the title suggests, this is unlike anything you’ve seen (or heard) before, so get your daily dose of Paper Idol below and keep your eyes peeled for the project in its wholeness, – ‘Mania Days’ on 25/06/21.

I wrote ‘Seen This All Before’ as a form of therapy. If you’re having issues with someone, you’re supposed to write them a letter but never send it. As I was doing the exercise, the song came to me and I immediately opened my laptop to record. I got the vocals in one or two takes and actually wrote half the lyrics mid-recording. That’s why I repeat so many words in the second verse! I kept the production simple and playful to match the childlike, delusional story.”

– Paper Idols

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