Mini Melon Mix Up’s: Midnight Pool Party, Skai Lounge, Peak Futures, Joe Fox & The Frantics, GhostDragon, Will Wallace X Laurel Smith, The Dockers…

Welcome, welcome one and all to another cheeky installment of our Mini Melon Mix Ups, where we share all our top tunes and perfect playlist additions to kick start your weekend. Here’s what we’ve been plugged in and diggin’ over the past fortnight…

Our old friends Midnight Pool Party are back again with another signature piece of gender-blending dance music to soundtrack our weekend. ‘NO NAMES’ is a cheeky celebration of promiscuity that for some is a hallmark of youth and club culture. We love the sashay rhythm of this track paired with the sassy lyrics, while the EDM overtones were apparently inspired by superstar production duo Disclosure.

“No Names’ is another track that was written during our writing session last winter. The song essentially is about the thrill of anonymous hook-ups. It’s almost like a hype track for yourself to say fuck it! go out! put yourself out there! have fun! and WHO CARES! The production on this one was definitely inspired by Disclosure and vocally I was inspired by the Doja Cats song “Boss Bitch” where she raps of over a club beat. We wanted to make one for the clubs and we’re really happy with how this has turned out.”

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Keeping with the electronic theme, although spun in a completely different way, we have the new work from South African artist Skai Lounge. Featuring vocalist Tanaka, ‘Porcelain Hearts’ is a divine piece of digital experimentalism in which celestial synths underpin a sensual pattern of drums and beats. This sophisticated listen belongs to the burgeoning afro-indietronica genre, which looks to be one of the defining sounds of the decade.

“I was really going for a KAYTRANADA meets George Fitzgerald vibe for this one, and my homie Tanaka did an amazing job on the vocals especially since his voice is reminiscent of Moses Sumney/Sampha/James Blake – in short IT’S SOULFUL AS FUCK!”

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Remaining in the world of alternative sounds and genre-blending projects, the UK-USA collective Peak Futures is back with yet another sonic treat for us in the form of ‘Orion (Reprise)’, which continues the narrative from their original ‘Orion’ single. This time we hear one of the group’s drummers Pauli The PSM step up to the plate for a spoken-word verse that adds a whole new element to the rocky, soulful and jazzy recording. As always, Peak Futures’ found Chris Hills has some words for us on the new track:

“Like all the  songs on the album it stands out by itself but really comes to life when listened to in sequence; it’s the closing chapter. When you come back from a great journey in life you’re never the same, that’s the point the song is making – the reprise  has the same backing as the original but a totally different  impact.”

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More atmospheric guitars are to be found in ‘Smoke Show’ from Joe Fox & The Frantics. There’s a gritty energy embedded within the band’s riff-oriented indie roots that calls to UK indie-rock bands like Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Strokes or The Vaccines. The chunky percussion and fuzzy guitars has a hypnotic effect on the listener, one that makes ‘Smoke Show’ impossible to forget.

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Moving swiftly on is the third single ‘Meaning To’ from the up and coming Strangers Again EP delivered via epic EDM music producer GhostDragon. This time he joins forces with lyricist and vocalist Kwesi who offers a soul-stirring performance on this newest track. ‘Meaning To’ sits in that delicious sweet spot of both pop and dance music, as GhostDragon showcases a comprehensive array of unique production techniques and incredible Synth Work.

“‘Meaning To’ is a reflection of one finding an authentic voice despite past failures in love. Collaborating with Kwesi challenged me to match reflective folk instrumentals to uplifting EDM beats. As we approach the summer, I hope listeners can relax, reflect, and rise to a real meaning.” – GhostDragon

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Next up is a brand new single & video from London – DJ and producer Will Wallace and singer-songwriter Laurel Smith. A phenomenal new release from Preston’s rising new name in music production, Will Wallace emerges with slick sound and visuals, and Laurel Smith brings the kind of bad-B energy you’d look for in North London’s emerging music scene. The duo are the perfect pairing on this dark, dance track, aptly titled ‘Girls, Money, Cars’.

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We’ll be ending on a light note for this bi-weekly playlist, thanks to Sydney-based duo The Dockers whose ode to existential crises is oddly upbeat in a dark humour kind of way. ‘I knew him (well?) Horatio’ begins as a simple construction of open strings and easygoing vocal, but soon enough it blooms into a sing-a-long rebellion against all of the things we’re supposed to be afraid of. This cathartic romper reminds us that we’re really all in this thing together.

“It’s an existential crisis, dark, but sheds a lot of light on that it’s temperamental. Definitely the best song I‘ll ever bloody write.”

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