Say hello to XIE and her dynamic dance track ‘MIAMI’

Los Angeles DJ and producer XIE has released her fun new single ‘MIAMI’ in celebration of both her Chinese-American heritage during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month via Casablanca Records. This one is for the wanderlust ravers at heart as the track centers around the line “take me to Miami, I’ve never been before”, showing off XIE’s adventurous spirit.

The plentitude of feelgood and confident personality exuding from this house-infused track also makes it a totally addictive listen that we could imagine playing loud while on a road trip or whilst getting ready for a night out with your friends. As XIE herself admits in the quote below, this relatively simple song is all about taking the weight of the past year off of our shoulders and allowing ourselves to dream a little of sand, sea and dancing until dawn.

“MIAMI is one of those magical places everyone needs to go once in their lifetime. One night I was sitting in bed and played those 4 chords on my Casio then sang the first line ‘Take me to MIAMI I’ve never been before’ I know this year has taken a toll on all of us, and we all deserve the escape & free spirit that MIAMI embodies.”

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