Watch the latest music video for Evan Isaac’s art-pop hit, ‘Love Always Around Us’

Evan Isaac makes a welcomed return, unveiling the long-awaited new music video for ‘Love Always Around Us’, taken from his album, Dogwood Dignitaries Listen to the Baby released last year.

A labour of love between friends, the music video for ‘Love Always Around Us’ features direction from Isaac’s partner, Marguerite Lacey Hall, who also designed the abstract, homemade set featured in the video. Mixing was left in the capable hands of good friend Sidharth Gupta, from the New Delhi-based group Shoals, but the real star of the video is Evan Isaac himself who stars as the sole character in a weird and wonderful VHS-style home video.

Recorded during the cold Pittsburgh January by Evan and his partner, the music video perfectly captures Isaac’s quirky, persona and genre-bending specialities, hidden amongst the flashing lights, play putty and striking dance-moves. Centered around a catchy keyboard hook and warped electronic sounds, ‘Love Always Around Us’ sees lively, clap-heavy beats live amongst playful pop-production and Isaac’s bubbly and unique vocal performance.

Speaking on his latest visual, Evan Isaac’s shares:

“This song was recorded during the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine of 2020. It is an ode to creating space for someone you care about when they need you to lend an ear. It was mixed by good friend and collaborator Sidharth Gupta of Shoals in New Delhi, India.” 

Evan Isaac’s – ‘Love Always Around Us’


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