Listen to Mighloe’s smooth R&B offering, ‘Rainy Days’

Toronto’s rising star Mighloe unveils her gorgeous new soul-fuelled single, ‘Rainy Days’ the second single in the run up to her forthcoming EP and a tune her growing fanbase is sure to love.

A purveyor of sultry sounds and mature, honest lyricism, Mighloe has a wonderful way of telling often difficult or painful stories in a graceful and endearing manner. She makes you feel safe with her words and her music and ‘Rainy Days’ is no exception, with simple production and infectious melodies, ‘Rainy Days’ is a masterpiece in and of itself.

Produced by Late Night Drive and Dean Vision, this particular offering encourages listeners to unmask their humanity and find refuge and solace in the uncertainties of love, as difficult or as daunting as that may be. Opening your heart up to the possibilities of love can often be a beautifully liberating feeling and Mighloe demonstrates this perfectly through her lyrics; “tell me why, oh why, oh why did I wait so long to love you?” she sings.

Possessing real depth in her music – Mighloe’s writing juxtaposes an honest innocence with hard-won wisdom and a strong knowledge of self in order to create songs that are at once sensual, world weary and ultimately, hopeful.

Speaking about her second song of the year, Mighloe says:

“‘Rainy days’ is about opening yourself up to requited love! A love that goes both ways. It’s sweet and sexy and drenched in obsession. It’s about begging for the rainy days, for the sorrows because in those desperate times, when we are weak; is where our love is the strongest.”


Listen to Mighloe – Rainy Days


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