Friday feels with Franki’s new indie-pop track ‘Redo’

In need of some cheery indie guitar-pop to get you through the rest of Friday? We got you!

‘Redo’ is the latest single from Dublin’s rising pop troubadour Franki. While he’s an independent artist, this new track is as sleek and sophisticated as a major label signee could wish to put out. Those retro-pop guitars and ear-wormy hooks is an instant win and reminds us of M83, The Naked and Famous and The 1975.

It’s undoubtedly an upbeat listen, although there’s a sincere emotionality to Franki’s clear vocal that hints towards the deeper meaning behind ‘Redo’. As the Irish artist explains further below, this poppy tune is actually about questioning whether all of your relationships are the healthiest and most positives ones you could have in your life, maybe you need to cut some ties or take a breather? Or in Franki’s case, start again and re-do.

“Redo was the first song I ever wrote for this project and came at a time when I was second-guessing myself a lot and questioning all of my decisions, wanting to go back and do them again. Especially when it came to relationships. I think people generally have an issue with absolving themselves of responsibility and I wanted to honestly reflect my own arrogance. I think doing that and being this honest with myself in my songwriting has been extremely valuable to me since then and that honesty in my songs is something I hold quite close.”

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