‘Crossroads’ is the latest genre-defying single from Andreww

Andreww has revealed his latest grunge-infused new single in the lead up to his debut EP, ‘Crossroads’. The track is the fourth release from Andreww overall and the second to drop from the ex-runway model this year, following on from ‘Shadow Love’ in March . It’s clear that Andreww has gone from strength-to-strength since taking his talents to music back in 2020 and recognition from big-name tastemakers like Wonderland, Earmilk and Cloudkid are all the validation he needs.

Known for his vehement refusal to be tied down by any one genre, Andreww’s music is a rich and complex tapestry of seemingly mismatched sounds and genres which come together to create a unique and dynamic soundscape, and ‘Crossroads’ is no exception.

Packed full of Andreww’s much-loved grungy electric guitars, progressive drum rhythms and pounding 808’s, ‘Crossroads’ is a feast for the ears, combining elements of grunge, hip-hop and rock n’ roll together. A subtle trap beat running underneath Andreww’s vocals gives the single a unique twist that gives the edgy, hardcore track a slightly more pop-esque feel that will appeal to a wide range of listeners, worldwide.

Listen to Andreww – Crossroads


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