Mini Melon Mix Ups: Redfeather, Anaté, The Hideaways, Eleri Angharad, Riot ten x STARX, Gillian Heidi, Babygirl, MURMAN

Good afternoon and welcome to another Mini Melon Mix Ups. A specially curated blog playlist providing you with all the newest tunes from the most exciting, up and coming artists. Here at Purple Melon HQ, we’ve done all the hard work for you, so just sit back, relax & plug those earphones in.

Friday afternoon listening? We’ve got you covered.

With a sound of early 2010s pop-rock but the endearing appeal of a fresh-faced band, Redfeather has made it into out latest round-up thanks to their track ‘Checkered Lines’. Penned by vocalist Conor Hayes alongside band members Ethan Alexander, Louis Maylin and Thomas James, this single is driven by expressive guitars and tension-creating percussion, this song is undoubtedly the sound of youthful hope and a forward-facing approach to life. Brand new to the indie-rock scene, watch this space.

Checkered Lines is a song about the moment my life changed, the best night of my life and the first time I met the most amazing person I will ever meet.” – Conor Hayes, Redfeather

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Comprising of singer-songwriter Ana and producer/songwriter Andrea, ‘Flow’ is the latest single from duo Anaté. Overflowing with downtempo goodness, Ana’s vocals are smooth and soulful laying perfectly on a bed of expertly played live instruments. Drums, bass and acoustic guitar help paint this warm, soothing musical number, topped off with a few samples and the extensive use of delay.

“I was just jamming on the piano when I came up with the pattern and the melody. I remember being so excited about it that I texted Andrea saying ‘hey stop doing what you are doing, I just wrote something super cool omg listen to this!!’. The lyrics were then written quite easily: the beat gave me the feeling of freedom, so the song talks about embracing who you are, exploring your creativity and just let it flow, just put it out there. Love who you are and celebrate that every day in every single way” – Anaté

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Bristol based band and rockers, The Hideaways have released their second 2021 single, the powerful, energetic ‘You’re Everything’. Revolutionising their sound with this newest single, ‘You’re Everything’ takes on more of an electronic soundscape. It’s a feisty new take on indie, wild and overflowing with youthfulness, doused with splintering percussion and polished off with electrifying guitar riffs. ‘You’re Everything’ is the dark, yet hugely dynamic anthem we never knew we needed.

“It’s the most electronic song we’ve recorded so far. We’ve flirted with that side of things before but with “You’re Everything” we really wanted to lean into it and get all glitchy and frantic.” Danny explained, “Obviously we made sure to keep boatloads of guitars in it and Jack is still battering his drums just in case people are worried that we’re turning into a Depeche Mode tribute act.” – The Hideaways

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Swansea based artist, Eleri Angharad has released the electro pop tune ‘Delete It’. The young up and coming country/pop artist boasts a sweet, commercial vocal which sits perfectly against a vibrant electronic synthscape. Soothing yet catchy, this song builds and flows effortlessly whilst detailing a lyricism that most will be able to relate to.

“’Delete It’ is one of my most personal tracks to date, it describes a moment where I wanted to express my emotions but not damage a friendship. It’s about weighing up the pros and cons of sending I Love You; will I hear back the same message and feel incredible or not get the answer I want and deal with rejection and potential loss? The song represents a pivotal point in my personal life.” – Eleri Angharad

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Riot Ten has teamed up with STARX for his sophomore single for the explosively energetic ‘Get Out’. Equal amounts electronic autotune and raw rock like vocals, ‘Get Out’ is a huge, heavy floor filler of a dance tune. Not for the faint hearted, ‘Get Out’ pushes not only the boundaries of genre but also dynamics to the absolute limits. A song you can chuck on and let yourself fully unleash.

A musical shapeshifter, Riot Ten’s latest single fuses face-melting, mutated sound design with thunderous hip-hop verses. With 18 catalog songs that have reached over 1 million streams on Spotify alone, praise from all corners of the dance music industry, and endorsements from artists by the likes DJ Snake, Zeds Dead, The Chainsmokers, and Excision, Riot Ten is a certified legend and “Get Out” is no exception.

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Boston-based Pop singer/songwriter Gillian returns with her second single release of 2021 ‘Out of My Mind’. Soft, yet powerful vocals sophisticatedly detail relatable lyricism, conveying wisdom often seen beyond someone of her young, 16 years. Using her music as a conduit for truth. Whether behind the piano or with a guitar in hand, Gillian chronicles life’s ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and trials and tribulations with thoughtful clarity, poetic eloquence, and a stirring soulful voice.

“out of my mind” is about feeling crazy for feeling unsure in a relationship. I felt as though something was off, but I had no evidence. Everything in my relationship was so perfect, but I still couldn’t believe it, and I felt like I was going crazy making it all up in my head. The music in “out of my mind” is chaotic and loud, exactly how I was feeling at the time I wrote it. This song is so special to me, and I hope that others can connect to it in the way that I did!”– Gillian Heidi   

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Pop rock band Babygirl have released their dreamy new single ‘Nevermind’, oozing with britpop vibes, this newest single is steeped in shoegazing melodies and hazy guitars that speak to being strung along in a one-sided relationship.

“‘Nevermind’ is about being let down, and then pretending like you never cared to begin with. The lyrics come from a defensive and cynical place, so we wanted the chorus melody to have a sweetness to counterbalance that. The production on it is inspired by 90’s rock and britpop — artists like Oasis, Bends-Era Radiohead, and Elliott Smith were definitely on our minds while making it.” – Babygirl

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Rising Indie-rock duo MURMAN have released an energetic, punchy music video to match their equally as edgy single ‘Achilles’. Filled with roaring percussion, racing guitars and a bassline that you just cant help but tap your foot to. ‘Achilles’ is a thunderous, high-octane number that encapsulates that classic rock sound alongside an explosive, musical backdrop.

“We’ve always liked the idea of using old movies in our videos to provide a story arch, and seeing as restrictions have meant that we’re unable to film together in person, we had to get more creative and improvise.” – MURMAN

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