Mariele Jankowski makes curiously enchanting entrance with debut single ‘The Long Song of Mary Green’

Introducing singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Mariele Jankowski and her curiously intriguing, utterly endearing debut single ‘The Long Song of Mary Green’. Soaked in storytelling and inspired by the many folk fables and tales of old, ‘The Long Song of Mary Green’ is seeped in history, encapsulating the many traditions and songs from her childhood in the hills of Bergische in West Germany and beyond.

Upon first listen this debut instantly transports you to a sacred place in space and time from distant lands long ago, as if straight from the pages of an ancient myth of legend. Mariele Jankowski has managed to enclose the unique aura of the past, encouraging us to look back and see what we may learn from it’s many teachings.

Overflowing with delicate folk tendencies, alt country influences and acoustic, raw and unique songwriting there is much more to Mariele Jankowski than initially meets the eye and so much depth to discover within ‘The Long Song of Mary Green’. For those willing to dig a little deeper? You’re sure to be rewarded for your efforts.

With a message just as sentimental and important as the songwriting in which it is encased, ‘The Long Song of Mary Green’ describes the all too common thread often witnessed in human nature, of becoming all consumed in the search for eternal happiness. The internal monologue of ‘when I achieve this task, or reach this dream, then I’ll be happy‘ is questioned by the artist as she prompts us to find joy in the journey itself, the every day, the small moments and not just the destination. A welcome reminder in times such as these when productivity and the end goal are often placed above the present moment and gratitude for where we are now and each day that is gifted to us.

Mariele Jankowski teaches us the art of letting go and relinquishing control in our lives in order to find peace, comfort and understanding. Let her illuminate the solace to be found in surrender with the gorgeous, intricate and effortlessly spellbinding, ‘The Long Song of Mary Green’.

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